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Happy Birthday vinyl! 70th anniversary recreation of 'first ever LP' to be given away for hmv Vinyl Week
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Happy Birthday vinyl! 70th anniversary recreation of 'first ever LP' to be given away for hmv Vinyl Week

This weekend, as part hmv's annual celebration of all things vinyl, there is set to be a surprise bonus for those heading to hmv stores on Saturday morning to grab themselves one of a series of exclusive limited editions.

Sony and hmv have teamed up on the 70th anniversary of the first ever 33rpm vinyl LP and to celebrate the occasion Columbia Records are set to unveil a limited number of faithfully recreated copies of the original LP, to be given away for free at hmv stores up and down the UK to a lucky few vinyl-buying customers.

Nathan Milstein and the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York first released their recording of Mendelsohn's Concerto in E Minor in 1948, pioneering the use of new 'microgroove' technology developed by Columbia which allowed longer, higher quality recordings, setting the standard for the modern LP as we know it today in the process.

To celebrate the album's 70th anniversary Columbia's parent company Sony have pressed a limited run of 500 copies, using the original master recording as well as the original sleeve design. The LPs will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis on the morning of Saturday June 16th to hmv customers buying one hmv's limited edition Vinyl Week exclusives.

A pressing of the historic LP is also being donated to the British Library Sound Archive.

Sarah Thwaites, Head of Sony Classical UK, said of the special release: “Classical music has always been at the forefront of new technology and presenting music in the highest possible quality. This magnificent recreation of the first ever vinyl LP with artists of the calibre of Milstein and Walter celebrates the timelessness of classical music. We are delighted to partner here with hmv for this important 70th anniversary to make the album available again in all its former glory.”


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