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A Day To Remember’s Bad Vibrations - What You Need To Know
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A Day To Remember’s Bad Vibrations - What You Need To Know

Back and with the bit between their teeth, here is everything you need to know about Bad Vibrations, the new album from A Day To Remember...


What’s the background?

The making and release of A Day To Remember’s 2013 album Common Courtesy was a fraught one. They’d spent the previous two years locked in a legal battle with former label Victory Records, a battle which is still ongoing and which you can read more about here. They were only given permission to self-release Common Courtesy by a judge a few days before it was due on shelves.

This time things are calmer in business terms, but all the noise from the band has been that this album was a struggle to make initially, with frontman Jeremy McKinnon admitting in various interviews that the album’s title is an ode to the how they were feeling at the start and the struggle to get going.

To get themselves together the band rented a remote cabin and forced themselves to write together as a five, a process they’d foregone in recent years. After a couple of months of solid writing they came away with 40 songs and took them off to Colorado record what would become Bad Vibrations...

Who’s producing it?

After working with New Found Glory guitarist and engineer Andrew Wade on their previous three records it’s all change in this department. This time they’ve teamed up with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore, best known for their work with NOFX and Rise Against, who recorded the album with the band in their Blasting Room up in remote Colorado.

Any special guests?

None, the band have had a few in the past, but this LP is pure A Day To Remember.

What does it sound like?

This is the heaviest album A Day To Remember have made since their 2007 album For Those Who Have Heart. The opener and title track comes roaring out of the speakers and for the first 25 minutes the past is unrelenting, ‘Bullfight’ is a furious blast, ‘Exposed’ is a rumble piledriver with a riff that wouldn’t be out of place on a Hatebreed album, while ‘Turn Off The Radio’ is part full on chest beating screamer and part pop punk gem.

There are slower jams too. ‘Justified’ is a brooding track that morphs into a driving anthem while ‘We Got This’ is a arms aloft ballad, with twinkling guitars and a huge chorus that will sound incredible when its yelled in unison by full arenas.

Stevenson and Livermore’s production is much rawer and more immediate than the band’s recent efforts, but there’s a still a nice bright sheen to the choruses.


Does it deliver?

This is a relentless record. From the moment the guitars rumble into life on the opening title track and McKinnon’s gruff screams hammer into your ears the album keeps going and going. This is a powerful and self-charged LP and one that’s full of passion, anger and bile. It’s a winner.


A Day To Remember’s Bad Vibrations is out now and available to purchase here in hmv’s online store.

Bad Vibrations
Bad Vibrations A Day to Remember

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What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know