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Adele’s 25 - What You Need To Know
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Adele’s 25 - What You Need To Know

It’s the most anticipated album of the year, maybe even of the decade, it’s Adele’s 25, it’s out now (you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side) and here is everything you need to know about it…


A little background…

Adele’s 21 was a monster that no one saw coming. People knew it was good and had incredible songs, but it was assumed that the days of selling over 30 million albums were long gone, especially as Adele wasn’t able to tour the album after discovering she needed surgery on her vocal chords.

In the time since 21 Adele has given birth to her first child, won an Oscar for ‘Skyfall’, her glorious Bond theme and all but disappeared from public view. She’s been working, slowly, on 25, an album that would take three years to get right.


Who’s Producing It?

Adele has called in all the big guns for 25. First up is Greg Kurstin, who’s most recently penned big hits with Sia and Kelly Clarkson, he helped Adele on huge opener ‘Hello’ and on album tracks ‘Water Under The Bridge’ and ‘Million Years Ago’.

Next you’ve got Ryan Tedder, the OneRepublic mainman wrote with Adele for months, but has only ended up credited on one track titled ‘Remedy’. Paul Epworth, with whom Adele co-wrote ‘Rolling In The Deep’ and ‘Skyfall’, is also back and features on two tracks, ‘I Miss You’ and ‘Sweetest Devotion’, there’s also rising singer-songwriter Tobias Jesso Jnr, who co-writes on ‘When We Were Young’.

Max Martin, superstar writer known for his work with Taylor Swift and The Weeknd, is also on board, he helped Adele write ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’, while Gnarls Barkley beat machine Danger Mouse is also on the album and co-wrote ‘River Lea’.

Finally there’s the soul man and hit machine Bruno Mars, he’s helped Adele come up with absolute monster ‘All I Ask’.


Any Special Guests?

Lots of big co-writers, not to mention the ones who didn’t make it like Damon Albarn and Phil Collins, but the only voice you’ll hear on the album is Adele’s.


What Does It Sound Like?

Though her life has changed so drastically in the years between writing 21 and putting 25 together Adele’s ability to channel pain and heartbreak is as strong as ever. Gut-wrenching lyrics, lush orchestrations and big, big choruses. Everything you’d expect and everything you’d want.


Does It Deliver?

It’s hard to imagine anything being as much of a phenomenon as 21, but this will undoubtedly maintain Adele’s status as a true global superstar. We just hope we get to see her play all these songs live in the next few months.

Adele’s 25 is out now

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