News - August 4, 2014

Alt-fest organisers forced to cancel event
by James
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Alt-fest organisers forced to cancel event

Organisers of the metal, rock and industrial music festival Alt-fest confirmed yesterday that they have been forced to cancel the event due to a lack of funds. Despite having raised £61,000 via Kickstarter and sold more than 7,500 tickets, the festival has been pulled, with the organisers stating that they had insufficient funds to stage the event, which was due to run from August 15-17 at Kettering's Boughton House and feature headline acts Gary Numan and Marilyn Manson.

Dom and Missy, the pair running Alt-fest, posted an apology as part of a statement on the festival's Facebook page yesterday, saying that they only needed to sell 'another 3,000' tickets to break even, adding that contractors were not willing to allow them to defer part of the payments due to them, meaning that the organisers were not able to raise enough money for the event to go ahead.

The statement can be found in full here


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