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Amy Winehouse made the subject of new comic book
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Amy Winehouse made the subject of new comic book

Amy Winehouse has been made the subject of a new comic book, titled Tribute: Amy Winehouse. 

The Back To Black singer, who died tragically three years ago after a long battle with drugs and alcohol, has seen her life story used as the basis of a new comic book, made by Bluewater Productions. You can see the cover art here. 

The book was written by Michael L. Frizell with art by Jayfri Hashim and features seven collectable and exclusive covers by Hashim and artist Brent Sprecher. 

Speaking about the comic in a press release, Frizzell said: "I found myself admiring Ms. Winehouse during the course of crafting this book. I don’t think she was a hero, nor do I think she should be propped up as a role model. Tragic artists such as Ms. Winehouse are fascinating to us because we see this woman who seems to have it all – fame, fortune, a thriving artistic career – throw it all away chasing her personal demons."

He continued: "Sadly, we hear of many stories like hers. What sets her story apart is that there’s this feeling she’d still be on the charts today if she had been able to conquer those demons.”

Bluewater Productions has previously published a number of tribute comics to other dead musicians, including Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson. 

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

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