News - September 15, 2014

Amy Winehouse statue unveiled in London
by James
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Amy Winehouse statue unveiled in London

A new bronze statue of late singer Amy Winehouse has been unveiled at its location in Camden, north London, where the singer singer lived before her death in 2011. Her father Mitch was there to witness the unveiling of the statue, which is the work of sculptor Scott Eaton, performed by former Eastenders actress Barabara Windsor.

Hundres of fans turned out on Sunday afternoon to witness the event, some having travelled from as far away as Hawaii to witness the unveiling. The singer was known to have a special affiinity with the Camden neighbourhood where she lived, and speaking to The Guardian Barabara Windsor said of the event: "I was one of the fortunate people who got to know Amy in the last few years of her too short life. Not only was she one of the greatest talents that this country has ever produced, she was a warm, lovely kind and fun lady. She was what we call in our business a superb bird, that's what she was. Amy loved Camden with a passion and Camden loved her so it's only right her presence should remain here."

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