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Anavae open up about the making of their debut album 45
by Tom
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Anavae open up about the making of their debut album 45

Epic rock duo Anavae have opened up about the making of their debut album 45. 

The pair, who consist of singer Rebecca Need-Menear and guitarist Jamie Finch, told that having an album finally out was a “surreal” experience.

Need-Menear said of the album: “It’s been a fantasy we’ve been putting off for a long time. For an album to actually exist is quite surreal. We’ve been sitting on a few of these for a good time, waiting to be able to deliver them properly.”

The album was recorded with Tellison/We Are The Ocean producer Pete Miles in remote Devon, an experience Finch said gave the songs a whole new dimension.

He said: “Our songs take on a new life in the studio. We’re so production heavy that it’s a long journey from what leaves our bedroom studio to what becomes the final songs. Songs like ‘Never Want To Love Again’ have been with us for a long time, we’ve packed and unpacked that song so many times.”

Need-Menear added: “It’s a really weird patchwork quilt. Every song is so different and they shouldn’t work together, but they do.”

Anavae’s debut album 45 is out now. 

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