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Arcade Fire announce new album, Everything Now
by James
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Arcade Fire announce new album, Everything Now

After teasing fans earlier this week with hints at a new record and a brand new song 'Everything Now', Arcade Fire confirmed last night that they are indeed to release a new album. Just like the new track unveiled this week, their fifth album will be titled Everything Now and is due to arrive on July 28th (you can pre-order the album from hmv's online store on the right-hand side of this page).

The new album is co-produced by Arcade Fire themselves, along with Steve Mackey, Markus Dravs and Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter. The album will include as many as 20 artwork variations, but there are two main versions – a 'Day Version' and a limited edition 'Night Version'.

The announcement was accompanied by the release of a new video for the album's disco-flavoured title track, which includes a sample from Francis Bebey's 'The Coffee Cola Song' – you can find the new video below...

Everything Now (Day Version)
Everything Now (Day Version) Arcade Fire

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