March 10, 2014

Architects talk through Lost Forever // Lost Together - track by track
by Tom
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Architects talk through Lost Forever // Lost Together - track by track

As part of Architects' takeover, the band talk through their new album Lost Forever // Lost Together track by track…



Tom Searle (guitars): "I was soundchecking when we were on Warped Tour and I got my guitar out of the case and started playing and thought 'Fuck, that sounds heavy'. Turns out my guitar had been knocked out of tune and a string had come loose. After I played the show, I put it back in that mode and came up with the riff."

"Lyrically, it's about living in a democracy where every election you vote for what you deem to be positive change, campaigns like Obama's message of 'Hope', the election comes and goes and nothing changes, it's about the illusion of political choice."



Tom: "Bit of a barnstormer this one, we were really excited when we wrote the chorus, because it sounded a bit nu metal. It was an important one to get right because it kind of defines the way the album sounds a bit, we wanted to build it around that sound."

Dan Searle (drums): "The drums are a total nightmare. I was hoping it was going to be an album track we'd never play live and it'd be track nine or 10. But then Sam put his vocals on it, did an amazing job, now it's lead single and we're going to be playing it for the next five years. Brilliant."


'Broken Cross'

Tom: "It's about religion, if you haven't guessed. It's about discrimination, I don't mind what people choose to believe, but when religious beliefs impact negatively on other people's lives that's a terrible thing and offensive to anyone with half a brain cell. It's a little bit slower, I call it a space mosh, I wanted you to feel like you were in space when you're hearing it…"

Dan: "It's one of the angriest tracks on the album, it's a proper spit in your face track, and it namedrops our third album."


'The Devil Is Near'

Tom: "This is about Sea Shepherd, a cause we're all really passionate about. It's got this little sample from Paul Watson (Canadian environmental activist, who founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society), which we found online."

Sam (Carter): "Sea Shepherd basically do the best they can to protect the oceans, they try to protect all marine life, they're amazing, passionate people who put their lives on the line."

Tom: "There are so many charities who end up compromising what they do to work with governments. Sea Shepherd operate outside of all that. The song itself is a real classic high energy Architects song, a classic trait of ours."


'Dead Man Talking'

Dan: "Big chorus, for me it's got the biggiest bounciest riff on the record and Sam absolutely nailed the chorus, it's got a real cool ending too."

Tom: "It's about the ongoing persecution of whistleblowers, people who are heroes in the eyes of the public. Do you think people are really angry with people revealing government secrets and telling the public that we're being spied on? No, they're heroes. When Edward Snowden brought it to a wider audience, he was rightly viewed as a hero, but he's being persecuted for it."


'Red Hypergiant'

Tom: "This one's an instrumental so it's got no real meaning as such. It's an odd one, we don't have many instrumental. It was originally half a song, but it was too weird for us. It's named after the biggest known star in the universe, we saw a picture of it once and it kind of reminded us of the scale of everything."



Tom: "You know in Harry Potter you're not supposed to mention the name Voldemort? Cancer's basically the real life version of that. It's a horrible word. I wrote it after I found out that I had melanoma, skin cancer on my leg, I had surgery to remove it and I wrote it after I'd had it removed. I thought 'What do people do in these situations?', so I write a song. I tried to make it less about me, and more about what cancer means to humans in general."

Sam: "It was an odd one for me to sing, I felt like I had to really do it justice, it's a very personal song for Tom and I did everything I could to make as good as possible."

Tom: "It didn't feel that weird for me to share it with the band, I've been living in these guys' pockets for eight years and when I told them about the melanoma they weren't exactly chuffed about it either. If I was a songwriter and I gave it to One Direction, I might feel a bit weird, but not to give it to one of your closest friends."


'Colony Collapse'

Tom: "Another really happy subject. It might be my favourite song on the album this. Sam smashed it on this one, he made it into this Architects' style ballad, heavy as you like."

Dan: "It stands out on the album as a slightly different song, but it's still really heavy."

Sam: "We worked on it for a long time, we knew we had to get it really right or not do it at all. We worked particularly hard on this one."

Tom: "It's about the ongoing situation in Fukushima in Japan at the nuclear plant, two reactors have gone down, there's one remaining, if that goes then it'll be complete disaster for Japan. It's a tragedy that doesn't seem to have made it anywhere near the media."


'Castles In The Air'

Tom: "A bit of a personal one this, there's a bit of a personal twist to the end of the album. It's about anxiety, being in a band and how that causes anxiety, the pressure you feel in the studio, it sounds trivial, but in your head this can become monolithic problems, it wears you out after a while. It's about dealing with that, teaching yourself that it's just a figment of your imagination."


'Youth Is Wasted On The Young'

Dan: "They do bloody waste it don't they?"

Tom: "They do. This is another straightforward song, but with a special guest, we got our friend Murray (MacLeod) from the Xcerts to add a little bit of vocals to this one, make it something different. It's about that scary feeling when you know you're not a kid anymore, facing the future, compromising on what you love, social pressure."

Dan: "Me and Tom started this band when we were 16 and we still get asked 'When are you going to get a real job?'. It's about dealing with that all the time."

Sam: "It's also got one of the album's biggest riffs. I love it."

Tom: "It's where the inspiration for the album titles comes from, everyone goes through this, fearing growing old, but at least we're going through it all together."


'The Distant Blue'

Tom: "This one is inspired by a quote I saw about viewing the distant future from a faraway planet, and one man explaining to people about why we'd messed up so badly on earth. Again it's quite spacey."

Sam: "It's the most challenging song on the album vocally, I'll need three sets of lungs to pull it off live."

Tom: "It's in keeping with the record, plenty of heaviness, but something different too. It's a great way to finish the record."


Lost Forever // Lost Together
Lost Forever // Lost Together Architects

Architects are taking over to celebrate the release of their new album Lost Forever // Lost Together, which is in stores now and which you can preview by clicking on the icon on the right hand side of the page. To check the rest of the takeover, which includes a track by track, full retrospective and a detailed look at the making of Lost Forever // Lost Together as well as more Top 10s, click here. 



Architects will be meeting fans and signing copies of their new album Lost Forever // Lost Together at:

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