March 10, 2014

Architects talk through their back catalogue...
by Tom

by Tom Goodwyn

hmv London; 10/03/2014

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Architects talk through their back catalogue...

As part of Architects' takeover, the band talk through their back catalogue, assessing the high and lows of their albums so far...


"We had absolutely no idea what we were doing on this..."


Nightmares (2006)


Tom Searle (guitars): "We had absolutely no idea what we were doing on this, none."

Dan Searle (drums): "I'd argue we had no idea what we were doing for our first four albums…"

Tom: "Well yeah, the guitars sound shoddy as fuck on this. Awful."

Dan: "Ironically, Ali actually named a song called 'This Confession Means Nothing' on this album, he wasn't even in the band yet and he's never named a song since. That's a fun fact."

Tom: "We recorded above a garage in this mansion near Colchester, it was a bit grim. We were meant to do a demo and we ended up recording this mini-album, which technically is an album."

Dan: "I wish it was an EP!"

Tom: "It's not good, anyone who says it's good needs to have a word with themselves, it's got some jaws on the floor moments, and not in a good way."

Dan: "We recorded it two months after me and Tom had turned 18 with our old singer Matt. After he left and Sam joined we actually recorded a new version of 'To The Death', which is the opening track and it sounded so much better."


"We toured America off the back of this! They fucking hated it!"


Ruin (2007)


Dan: "This was our first time in Outhouse Studios in Reading."

Tom: "Sam joined us six weeks before this and it was a bit of a rude awakening for him as a vocalist."

Sam Carter (vocals): "I lost my voice loads of times and it's not a great vocal performance. But still we managed to tour a lot off the back of it."

Tom: "We toured America off the back of this! They fucking hated it!"

Dan: "Ruin was the first thing of ours I could sit and listen to without cringing. Now, I don't like it."

Tom: "I remember the drummer of Thrice posted about it on his blog, saying it was a great demo and I was like 'Well it's not a demo mate', but we were all really proud that he knew about us."

Dan: "That was the best thing to come out of that album, that and the band Northlane (who are named after the track North Lane on the album."

Tom: "It was good fun. We stayed in Josh (Middleton) from Sylosis's house and then his girlfriend's student house, we had pasta with cheese and ketchup every night, we slept like sardines in this one room."

Hollow Crown

"It was an exciting time to be in the band, it was a massive step up from Ruin..."


Hollow Crown (2009)


Tom: "Some people use the word seminal."

Dan: "Some people use the word masterpiece."

Tom: "Some people built it up to be a lot bigger than it was."

Sam: "No, it was a big album for us, it got us a lot of recognition outside the UK."

Tom: "People were into by the end, they weren't so much at the beginning. It was an exciting time to be in the band, it was a massive step up from Ruin, you've got songs like 'Early Grave', which was so much better than all the stuff we've done before."

Sam: "I was a lot more confident with my voice too and how I used it."

Tom: "We knew that Sam could sing, so we started to use that a lot more in the songs. The title track was a real change for us, it didn't feel like a risk, but it was a change and it went down really really well."

Dan: "Again though, it's not like we weren't into the studio really prepared, there was a lot of winging it."

The Here And Now

"If we could press a button and delete 'Heartburn', we would..."


The Here and Now (2011)


Sam: "This was a very weird time to be in the band, we recorded it in Los Angeles, a long way from home. I'm glad that record happened because without it Daybreaker wouldn't have happened and this record wouldn't have happened but there's a lot of stuff on that album that we'd all like to change."

Tom: "I think a lot of people thought we were selling out, not making an album that was as heavy as we'd all done before, but we could have become a much bigger band if we'd done another heavier album."

Dan: "We did the record, we became a better band as a result, we learned a lot, it was a very stressful time, we got slammed in the press, which was uncomfortable, we didn't have Ali with us for a lot of the touring and a lot of what we did didn't feel like us, it was different. When we came out of that into Daybreaker, we had a much much clearer vision."

Tom: "We were still blagging it in the studio. We worked with Steve Evetts in California, we worked separately, we didn't collaborate as much, but there was never a point when we thought we were You Me At Six, I still think it's an aggressive record."

Sam: "It did feel a bit like we were wearing someone else's skin, we'd hear our songs on the radio and we wouldn't be proud of them. But we learned so much."

Dan: "That said if we could press a button and delete 'Heartburn', we would."

Tom: "There's a small margin that separates a song like that from 'Hollow Crown', but we missed the mark."


"We wanted to make a heavy record again...."


Daybreaker (2012)


Tom: "We got back on it quickly, we wanted to right our wrongs. We went back to Outhouse in Reading, back to familiar surroundings."

Dan: "We wanted to make a heavy record again. You know, not many bands write their biggest song on their fifth album, but we did with 'These Colours Don't Run'. We went to tour South America and South East Asia and that song was just everywhere."

Tom: "We spent hours the night before it was due in to work a different ending and I think I thought it was too simplistic or some bullshit."

Dan: "That song changed our lives, it really did."

Tom: "It was a comfortable recording process, we rented this house near the studio, we all lived in this house in the suburbs, we'd have parties and the guys from Bring Me The Horizon and You Me At Six would come over and get drunk with this."

Dan: "It was a great time, a really fun record to make."

Tom: "The only real downer during that time was the tension with Tim (Hillier-Brook, the band's guitarist who left in 2012) and it becoming apparent that he was going to leave. Aside from that it was a fantastic experience."


Architects are taking over to celebrate the release of their new album Lost Forever // Lost Together. To check the rest of the takeover, which includes a track by track, full retrospective and a detailed look at the making of Lost Forever // Lost Together as well as more Top 10s, click here. 


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