March 10, 2014

Architects' Tom Searle picks his 10 favourite nu-metal tracks…
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Architects' Tom Searle picks his 10 favourite nu-metal tracks…

As part of Architects' takeover, each member will be curating their own personal Top 10, guitarist Tom Searle has picked out his 10 favourite nu-metal tracks…

1. Linkin Park – 'Crawling'

"An absolute anthem from this lot, we've knocked out a mean rendition of this in Soundcheck before!"


2. Limp Bizkit – 'Break Stuff'

"One of those songs that everyone between the ages of 20-35 knows all the words too. About the day Fred was in a really bad mood, I guess."


3. Korn – 'Got The Life'

"Feel that off beat hi hat groove! Who knows what that 'get your boogie on' bit is about?! A moment of madness? Or a moment of genius? I think we know the answer."



4. Papa Roach – 'Between Angels and Insects'

"Take my moneeeey, take my pos-esh-ons! A angst ridden musing of a material man caught in the hustle and bustle of a material world. Rock on jacoby...or coby...or Johnny vodka. A man of many names."



5. System Of A Down – 'Bounce'

"Easily my favourite song about a pogo stick. Utter ridiculous, but that's why we love them, innit?"



6. Mudvayne - 'Death Blooms'

"What a corker! One of the gems off of their debut. One might argue that they're not really nu metal but they wore face paint and had daft names like splag...spag...or something like that. So they qualify. Good riffs in this one."




7. Spineshank - 'New Disease'

"Think about that name - 'Spineshank' you simply couldn't get away with it in 2014."



8. Static-X - 'Black and White'

"Ah Static X. Let's take a moment to enjoy the absurdity of Wayne's hair...madness. Nu metal was a strange era wasn't it? They sort of act like robots in the video for this, maybe robots are nu metal?"



9. Mushroomhead - 'Solitaire Unraveling'

"Truly haunting!! We did a show with these guys once but turned up too late to play (we're real professionals). Thankfully we still got to have our picture taken with them though - masks n all. The singer was dressed as a butcher or something - not sure what that was about. Our bassist Ali does a good rendition of this nu metal classic."



10. Mudvayne - 'Dig'

"I guess Mudvayne are the winners here as they have 2 songs in my list. We covered this once in South Carolina and it was the only song anyone liked in our set. A new low for us. Good song though."



Architects are taking over to celebrate the release of their new album Lost Forever // Lost Together, which is out in stores now and which you can preview by clicking on the icon on the right hand side of the page. To check the rest of the takeover, which includes a track by track, full retrospective and a detailed look at the making of Lost Forever // Lost Together as well as more Top 10s, click here. 



Architects will be meeting fans and signing copies of their new album Lost Forever // Lost Together at:

hmv Brighton - Monday 10th March - 5pm 

hmv Cardiff - Tuesday 11th March - 5pm 

hmv Southampton - Thursday 13th March - 5pm 


We are offering fans the opportunity to download a free track of the single Naysayer from hmvdigital too.

Lost Forever // Lost Together
Lost Forever // Lost Together Architects

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