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Aurora's The Gods We Can Touch: What You Need To Know
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Aurora's The Gods We Can Touch: What You Need To Know

Three years on from the release of her second album A Different Kind of Human (Step 2), Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora returns with a triumphant third album that marks a shift in gear to something much more cinematic.

With new album The Gods We Can Touch freshly on our shelves, here’s everything you need to know about Aurora’s return…


A little background…

Talk of a third album began as early as 2019 - not long after the release of her second LP - with Aurora suggesting that her initial intention was to release her next two albums in quick succession.

Then in May 2020 the singer cleared her Instagram account to mark what she described as “the beginning of a new era”, unveiling the new album’s first single ‘Exist For Love’ shortly thereafter. Fans had a little while to wait for the next instalment, however, with two more new songs eventually following last year in July (‘Cure For Me’) and October (‘Giving In to the Love’), with the album’s title and release date finally unveiled alongside the arrival of the album’s third single.


Who’s producing it?

Aurora is co-producing the album herself along with long-time collaborator Magnus Skylstad, with additional input from Matias Tellez and Askjell.


Any special guests?

French singer-songwriter Pomme appears on ‘Everything Matters’, but other than that it’s just Aurora here, although there is a notable contribution from composer Isobel Waller-Bridge – sister to Fleabag creator Phoebe – who adds a string arrangement to ‘Exist For Love’.


What does it sound like?

Aurora spoke of wanting show her softer side on the new album and, broadly speaking, her third album is a gentler affair than its predecessors, although there are still a few touches of the familiar, high-energy electro-pop you might expect on tracks such as ‘Cure For Me’ and ‘A Temporary High’.

Elsewhere though the album explores a broader sonic palette, from the euphoric ‘Giving In to the Love’ and the brooding, melodic power pop of ‘Blood in the Wine’ to the folk-influenced ‘A Dangerous Thing’ and the dreamy chamber pop of ‘Exhale Inhale’, while ‘Exist For Love’ conjures images of classic Hollywood musicals with its lush strings and a gorgeous, timeless melody.

Aurora’s lyrics meanwhile take inspiration in part from Nordic folk mythology, exploring religious themes and delving into a preoccupation with our ideas about God – or indeed Gods – particularly their transition from being something connected with the Earth to something removed and out of reach; a theme also reflected in the album’s title.

Does it deliver?

Aurora promised something more emotional on this album and The Gods We Can Touch certainly delivers on that front. It feels like her songwriting has taken a leap here and the results are genuinely enrapturing at times. From the dreamy choral intro to its closing moments to its slow, expansive closer ‘A Little Place Called The Moon’, her third album is a soothing sonic adventure that reveals a little more on each listen. 



Aurora’s The Gods We Can Touch is available in hmv stores now – you can also find it here in our online store.

The Gods We Can Touch
The Gods We Can Touch Aurora

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