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Bastille’s Wild World - What You Need To Know
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Bastille’s Wild World - What You Need To Know

Three years after their debut album Bad Blood Bastille finally return with a follow-up. Here is everything you need to know about Wild World (which you can preview and purchase on the right-hand side of the page)...


What’s the background?

It’s fair to say that Bastille’s campaign in support of their debut album went on much longer than they or anyone thought it possibly could. By the time it was over the album had been released three times in various formats and had sold over a million copies across the world. The band were still touring heavily right up until the end of 2015 and have managed to fit in over 20 festival this summer, despite having a new album to do.

In the end they went back to where they made their debut LP, in producer Mark Crew’s studio in South London, fitting in sessions around touring commitments and now here it is...


Who’s producing it?

As they did on Wild World the band have worked with Crew who co-produces the album with Smith.


Any special guests?

None. Though Bastille have collaborated with the likes of Haim and Angel Haze on their mixtapes their studio albums are the preserve of the band alone.


What does it sound like?

Bad Blood was not an album lacking in ambition, but it sound tame in comparison to Wild World. All those albums sales have given the band access to vast string sections and a much bigger array of electronics, both of which are on show throughout this album.

This is definitely a darker record than Bad Blood and feels far more direct and less abstract in its delivery. Sonically there’s a lot more R&B and electronica in the soundscapes, but with that same sense of fun, especially in the film quotes that are scattered all over the album.

It’s also an epic beast, 14 tracks on the standard and a whopping 19 on the deluxe!


Does it deliver?

Absolutely. This is a bold, daring and hugely ambitious new album, but with big, big, choruses and hummable melodies.


Bastille’s new album Wild World is out now and available to purchase here in hmv’s online store.

The band will perform live and sign copies of the album at hmv 363 Oxford Street next Wednesday (September 14th). Click here to find more details.

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