December 20, 2017

Best Albums of 2017 - Editors' Picks
by Tom

by Tom Goodwyn

hmv London; 20/12/2017

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Best Albums of 2017 - Editors' Picks Editor Tom Goodwyn runs down his 10 favourite albums of 2017...

Emperor of Sand

10. Mastodon - Emperor Of Sand


Born from a torturous time in the band members’ personal lives came one of the finest things they’ve ever produced. Widescreen metal with drive and a real bite.

Visions of a Life

9. Wolf Alice - Visions Of A Life

Dirty Hit

A more sprawling, more diverse and more experimental LP than their debut album, but all the more interesting for that. 



Hiss Spun

8. Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun

Sargeant House

Wolfe’s masterful brooding electronica opened itself up to the power of guitars on Hiss Spun and it sounds glorious.


7. Taylor Swift - Reputation

Big Machine

She’s hit higher heights in the past, but this album gets better with every listen, especially the icy electronica of ‘Getaway Car’ and ‘...Ready For It’.


After Laughter

6. Paramore - After Laughter


Another one we had to wait a long time for and an unexpected pleasure when it did arrive, ditching the brooding darkness that was a key feature of their self-titled album for quirky pop. They pulled it off spectacularly though.

All These Countless Nights

5. Deaf Havana - All These Countless Nights

SO Recordings

Deaf Havana never disappoint. This is another album of heartswelling rock with thoughtful poignancy in the lyrics and power in the melodies.


Modern Ruin

4. Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes - Modern Ruin

International Death Cult

The former Gallows man’s debut album Blossom was a raw raucous burst of fury, but he’s stepped everything up for his second effort Modern Ruin. This is swaggering, towering and incredibly catchy rock’n’roll.

Something to Tell You

3. Haim - Something To Tell You


It took the Haim sisters a long time to follow-up the wonderful Days Are Gone, but when they arrived back in July with Something To Tell You, it was most definitely worth the wait. Chock full of gorgeous harmonies and melodies that live in your head for days, it’s a step up from their debut in every department.


Gone Now

2. Bleachers - Gone Now


Jack Antonoff has had a hell of a year. Not only has he helped Taylor Swift, Lorde and St. Vincent create three of the year’s biggest success stories, he also wrote and recorded 2017’s finest pop-rock album.

A more melancholy collection than his debut Strange Desire, but with just as much power, poise and big ol’ choruses. He’s a man in demand now, I just hope he finds the time to dedicate to more Bleachers...

Love In The 4th Dimension

1. The Big Moon - Love In The 4th Dimension


This album is a thing of absolute beauty. Swirling, bombastic and full of ambition, it bounces between Warpaint-esque dreaminess and a directness that goes right back to The Clash. It’s an album you just keep going back to, and I have, more than any other in 2017...