December 20, 2013

Best Coast, Jhené Aiko, Moose Blood, BANKS, it's the 10 Best EPs of 2013…
by Tom
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Best Coast, Jhené Aiko, Moose Blood, BANKS, it's the 10 Best EPs of 2013…

As well as giving us hundreds of cracking albums, there were plenty of brilliant EPs released in 2013, so we've rounded up 10 of the best. We've been pretty stringent about this list, so to qualify, you cannot have also put out a full-length album this year, or dropped a glorified single and called it an EP. Four-track minimum, all killer, no filler, let's go…


Wild Nothing – Empty Estate

Art rockers Wild Nothing were already on a good run with their 2012 album Nocturne and this seven-track EP has kept their form going. Bleepy keyboards meet slacker guitars and dreamy soundscapes to form a heady brew, a kind of Pavement meets Weezer combo.

Best Track: 'The Body In Rainfall'


MØ – Bikini Daze

Danish singer MØ has already enjoyed a big hit as the guest vocalist on Aviici's 'Dear Boy', but her debut EP promises something entirely different. Built around chopped up samples, fizzing electronics and driving percussion, it includes the exceptional 'XXX 88', which is produced by Major Lazer man Diplo. She could well be 2014's answer to Grimes.

Best Track: 'XXX 88'



Gunning For Tamar – Camera Lucida

These Oxford noiseniks have been quietly plugging for the last few years, producing a string of EPs that have steadily been getting better and better. Camera Lucida, released earlier this year, is their best work to date, full of spark, vigour and driving guitar riffs. Imagine all the best bits of all your favourite alt-rock bands and you've got Gunning For Tamar.

Best Track: 'Another Season'


Annie – The A&R EP

How this women isn't the biggest popstar on the planet we'll never know. This five-track EP is full of the Norwegian's characteristic day-glo keyboards, bubblegum pop choruses and supremely witty lyrics.

Best Track: 'Ralph Macchio'


BANKS – London

She might have called this four-track EP London, but BANKS is actually from New York. This EP is a shot across the bows, a warning of what she's set to deliver in 2014. Icy cool with a voice that's basically a gorgeous snarl, if her debut album is anything like this, BANKS is going to stomp all over next year…

Best Track: 'This What It Feels Like'


Fade Away
Fade Away Best Coast
Lonely The Brave
Lonely The Brave


Wicked Snakes – Lead Me To The Sun

Sludgy, down-tuned guitar engineered to sound heavy as hell hammers, this melds together the stylings of vintage Soundgarden and Pantera at their crushing heights. Big things are expected next year.

Best Track: 'Death Notes'


Jhené Aiko – Sail Out

Given her debut EP features collaborations with Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul, you can tell that Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo, as she's formally known, has got some serious connections already. Signed to Def Jam, the singer's debut album is due out next year and this seven-track effort promises so much. Lilting beats and glistening production propel Aiko's delicate vocals to the fore, but there's grit and fire in her lyrics too. Look out for this…

Best Track: 'Bed Peace'



Moose Blood – Moving Home

Loud, discordant, but also completely captivating, the debut EP from the Canterbury rock band captures the energy of their live show absolutely. Wistful and lovelorn words are carried along by whirring guitars before building into epic choruses and huge soundscapes. One of the most exciting bands to emerge in 2014.

Best Track: 'Evening Coffee'


Best Coast – Fade Away

Best Coast's 2012 second album The Only Place failed to live up to the supremely high standards they set for themselves on their debut album Crazy For You, but this seven-track EP was right back on track.

Full of the same sunny surf rock and insanely catchy choruses, this reaffirms why Bethany Cosentino is such a special songwriter. We can't wait to hear their third full-length effort.

Best track: 'I Wanna Know'


Lonely The Brave – Backroads

The year's most exciting new discovery. This is rock at its most uplifting and heartswelling, with so much passion and vigour crammed into these four tracks. If you love when Biffy Clyro go big or what the Foo Fighters did in their early days then you will go crazy for this. And you should.

Best Track: 'Black Saucers'

Lonely The Brave - Black Saucers [official lyric video]

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