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by James hmv London, Bio "Like the legend of the Phoenix, I've just eaten a whole packet of chocolate HobNobs..." Editor, previews... 2019's Best Comeback Albums

Over the next few days, we'll be previewing 50 of the best albums you can expect to hear in 2019. Almost all of them will come out, some inevitably won't, but they are all worth getting excited about. 

We continue today with 10 of the best comeback albums heding your way in 2019...


Ian Brown

Title: Ripples

Release date: March 1st

Ever since 2011, when Hell officially froze over and The Stones Roses announced the most unlikely of reformations, the band and their fans have been talking up the possibility of a third album. Rumoured release dates came and went, but as anybody who has dared to hope for new material from the Manchester quartet will already know, the Roses, for all their talents, were never much good at sticking to deadlines.

However, at least one of the band's members has been busy working on new material and even if 2019 ends without the arrival of a new Stones Roses album, you will at least be getting one from frontman Ian Brown, who is set to release his first solo album in nine years on March 1st

New album Ripples is self-produced and includes the recent single 'First World Problems', as well as several other tracks co-written with his sons and a couple of cover versions for good measure, namely Barrington Levy's 'Black Roses' and Mikey Dread's 'Break Down the Walls'. We're not saying there definitely won't be a Stones Roses album in 2019, but this is likely to be the closest you'll get this year.

Pre-order the album here.




The Specials

Title: Encore

Release date: February 1st

Few bands have managed the dual feat of writing a song describing the decline of a nation and topping the charts at the same time, but that's exactly what The Specials achieved in 1981 with their hit 'Ghost Town', an eerie and evocative anthem for the abandoned high streets across the UK. But by the time they arrived to record their triumphant slot on Top of the Pops in July that year, it wasn't just the country that was falling apart; a gruelling tour schedule had pushed relationships between band members to breaking point and, shortly before they went onstage, three of the band's key members announced they were leaving.

However, Terry Hall, Lynval Golding and Horace Panter have recently been touring together under the Specials banner and have announced that a new album, titled Encore, is set to arrive early in 2019. Unfortunately founding member Jerry Dammers will not feature on the new album – he is reportedly still not on speaking terms with the other members of his former band – but the new album will feature the group's first new music in years, as well as a re-worked version of Fun Boy Three hit 'The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum)'. 

Pre-order the album here.




Title: TBC

Release date: TBC

It has been eight years since Irish boyband Westlife released what looked to be their final album, Gravity, with Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne, Markus Feehily and Kian Egan announcing their split a year later in 2011. Since then, all four of the band's members have embarked on solo careers, with varying degrees of success, and it seemed like Westlife was al in the past.

But apparently not. In October the band announced their reunion and plans for a new tour and a new album, adding that they've been working with producer Steve Mac, the man behind most of their biggest hits. There's no confirmed release date or title as yet, but you can already pre-order it here in our online store.


The Raconteurs

Title: TBC

Release date: TBC

Formed in the wake of The White Stripes' dissolution by Jack White and Brendan Benson, The Raconteurs released two albums in the mid-2000s before their various members moved on to other things. Although they never officially split, with Jack White busying himself with his solo career, record label and other side projects such as The Dead Weather, it seemed like The Raconteurs' time in the sun had been and gone.

But then in October last year, alongside the announcement of a 10-year anniversary reissue of their 2008 album Consolers of the Lonely, the band revealed that they've been recording new material for a new album due to arrive in 2019. There's no title or release date as yet, but White's label Third Man, who will release the album, have confirmed that a new LP is on the way and will be their first in more than a decade.


Bryan Adams

Title: Shine a Light

Release date: March 1st

Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams has barely stopped to take a breath since his last album Get Up Arrived in 2015. After a two-year tour in support of his 13th studio album, Adams then leapt almost immediately into yet another tour, this time in support of last year's compilation Ultimate, which will see him through until the middle of February.

Quite how he has managed to find the time to write and record a 14th studio album in the middle of all this we can only wonder, but sure enough, just two weeks after his Ultimate tour wraps, his new album Shine a Light is set to arrive in stores. And then guess what? Yep, he's back on tour, this time in arenas across the UK. Say what you like about his music, but you can't fault his work ethic.

Pre-order Shine a Light here.



Title: Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?

Release date: January 18th

Four years on from their seventh studio album Fading Frontier, Atlanta 'alt-rock types Deerhunter are set to return in 2019 with their eighth full-length offering, the superbly-titled Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? Co-produced by Cate Le Bon, Ben H. Allen, Ben Etter and the band themselves, the new LP makes its arrival in January and features ten new tracks, including new single 'Death in Midsummer'.

Since their last outing the band have added a fifth full-time member in keyboardist/saxophonist Javier Morales, the band have also recently unveiled plans for a world tour in support of the new album, although as yet only dates in the US and Japan have been announced, so keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming dates in the UK.

Pre-order the album here.



These New Puritans

Title: TBC

Release date: TBC

Southend art-rock outfit These New Puritans have never been an easy band to pigeonhole, but even by their standards their third album, 2013's Field of Reeds, was something of a stylistic departure from their previous two LPs, taking them into neo-classical territory and parting company with former member Sophie Sleigh-Johnson. In the five years that have elapsed since, Thomas Hein has also departed, leaving just the twins Jack and George Barnett to continue as a duo.

And continue they have. This year saw the release of 'Into the Fire', their first new music since 2014's Magnetic Field EP, and the news of an upcoming fourth album which, according to an interview with Fader, is on the way soon. There's no title or release date as yet, but you can expect more news in the coming weeks and months.


The Lemonheads

Title: Varshons 2

Release date: February 8th

Back at the beginning of the 1990s, shortly after Nirvana's Nevermind had dislodged Michael Jackson from the summit of the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, record labels began snapping up every Grunge band they could find in Seattle and elsewhere, but among the many bands that emerged in Nirvana's wake it was Boston indie rockers The Lemonheads who seemed most likely to match their success, thanks in large part to their photogenic frontman Evan Dando and his knack for writing deceptively catchy pop songs. But soon enough Dando found himself indulging in a drug-fuelled lifestyle that eventually saw the band dissolved after their 1996 album Car Button Cloth.

The last we heard from The Lemonheads was a 2008 covers album Varshons, which saw Dando and a new rhythm section deliver renditions of songs by the likes of Wire, Gram Parsons and Leonard Cohen. Ten years on, Dando is gearing up to release a follow-up, Varshons 2, which features covers of The Eagles 'Take it Easy' and Yo La Tengo's 'Can't Forget', among many others, and is due to arrive on February 8th.


Thom Yorke

Title: TBC

Release date: TBC

It has been a couple of years since we were last treated to a new Radiohead album, but frontman Thom Yorke has been keeping himself busy in the meantime, creating his first feature film soundtrack this year for Luca Guadagnino's ambitious remake of Dario Argento's horror masterpiece Suspiria. Not only that, Yorke has also been busy working on more material of his own, recently telling Spanish newspaper El Mundo that he was “trying to finish a record” with producer Nigel Godrich.

“It’s very electronic, but different to anything I’ve done till now,” the Radiohead frontman told El Mundo. “The method has been the opposite of depending on computers. It’s a weird process by which we made a song in the studio, we break it after that, we rebuild it with a live mix and it comes out different again, and that’s what we record. We’ve improvised with a lot of sounds and effects. It has been a very weird way to make a record, which is very exciting.” There's no title or release date as yet, but given that Yorke has performed several new songs on recent live tours already, there's a good chance that an announcement will arrive some time in the early part of the new year.


Bob Mould

Title: Sunshine Rock

Release date: February 8th

To most casual observers Bob Mould might not be the most recognisable name on this list, but his band Hüsker Dü were arguably one of the most important of the 1980s. Creating their own uniquely melodic (and incredibly fast) brand of hardcore punk, Mould and his band become hugely influential on America's emerging college radio scene, inspiring everyone from Pixies to Metallica in the process. Even after the band split in 1987, Mould has continued to score the odd hit here and there, both as a solo artist and, for a brief time in the 1990s, with his band Sugar. Oh, and he also wrote the theme song for The Daily Show.

Despite his relatively low profile in the UK, Mould has been fairly prolific as a songwriter in recent years, releasing five solo albums in the last decade alone. This year he's set to return once more with the twelfth solo album to be released under his own name. Sunshine Rock arrives on February 8th and contains a dozen new tracks from the singer-songwriter, who is joined on the album by bassist Jason Narducy and Superchunk / Mountain Goats drummer Jon Wurster.

Pre-order the album here.


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