March 5, 2022

This Month's Vinyl Picks: March 2022
by James

by James Forryan

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This Month's Vinyl Picks: March 2022

Jon Hopkins, Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd are among some of the best new vinyl releases coming in March 2022...

Music for Psychedelic Therapy

Jon Hopkins - Music for Psychedelic Therapy

Domino Records

While Jon Hopkins’ string of brilliant albums have always been at the more cerebral extreme of the dance/electronic music spectrum, his recent work has taken him down an even more exploratory route– as exhibited on his minimalist 2020 release Meditations, a single, 20-minute piece constructed using layers of harmonies created using Tibetan singing bowls.

While not quite that minimalist in approach, his newest full-length offering Music for Psychedlic Therapy certainly retains a similar aesthetic on this dreamy, soul-nourishing trip which swells and dives while keeping the rhythms virtually non-existent. Available on vinyl for the first time from March 25, this is an album you’ll want to play from start to finish.

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Mono)

Pink Floyd – Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Mono)

Pink Floyd

The debut album from prog rock’s finest Pink Floyd offers a tantalising glimpse at what a fully-functioning Syd Barrett might be capable of, and although his decline into mental illness followed at such a speed that he barely featured on its follow-up A Saucerful of Secrets, here, in full flow on tracks like ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ and ‘Lucifer Sam’, his mercurial genius is plain to see.

Although there have been several stereo versions and remastered edition down the years, but few opportunities to hear the original mono mixes on vinyl. The fact that you’ll miss out on some of the hard-panning lunacy present on the stereo versions is a matter of personal preference, but the mono versions do sound great and are well worth adding to your collection. The new mono edition is available in stores from March 4.


Kraftwerk – Remixes


Electronic pioneers Kraftwerk have spent their career defining and refining not only the genre as a whole but also their own catalogue, remixing and reworking their own iconic tracks multiple times in some cases, so it makes sense that their latest distillation of their work should include contributions for those on whom their influence has been so vital.

In addition to reworkings crafted at their own secretive Kling Klang studio there are also remixes from the likes of Orbital, DJ Rolando, Hoy Chip and William Orbit, to name a few, offering several interpretations on some of their most famous tunes. Available on vinyl as a 3LP set on black vinyl, Remixes drops onto the shelves in our stores on March 25.

An Hour Before It's Dark

Marillion – An Hour Before It’s Dark


Often maligned as one of the most unfashionable bands to proclaim your love for, Marillion have nevertheless built and maintained an enduring and enthusiastic global fanbase which has so far facilitated no fewer than 19 albums over their four-decade career and will hit a landmark 20 with their latest full-length effort An Hour Before It’s Dark, which makes its grand entrance this month.

Available on all formats from March 4, the vinyl options include a very handsome limited edition version pressed on orange vinyl, for those Marillion fans who fancy a more eye-catching addition to your record collection.


Feeder – Torpedo

Big Teeth

One of the most successful bands to emerge in the post-90s haze of the early 21st century, Feeder continue their relentless drive on their latest album Torpedo, which lands in stores this month and sees duo Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose deliver 10 new songs on their 11th full-length studio LP.

Due to land on March 18, there’s just the one vinyl option on offer, but if you’re only going to release one then why not make it a picture disc?