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Biffy Clyro’s Ellipsis - What You Need To Know
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Biffy Clyro’s Ellipsis - What You Need To Know

Three years after they unleashed their mammoth double LP Opposites Biffy Clyro are back with a brand new album named Ellipsis. Here is everything you need to know about the band’s seventh full-length LP...


A little background…

After the release of their epic double album Opposites back in 2013 and a deck-clearing B-Sides collection Similarities in 2014, this new album represents something of a new start for Biffy Clyro, but it’s taken quite a long time to come together. The band began work on the follow-up to Opposites as early as 2014, but were still touring when 2015 came around.

After a much-needed break they decided to take a similar tack to the way they’d made Opposites and headed out to soak up the Californian sun as they recorded at Eldorado Recording Studios, the same studio where My Chemical Romance recorded The Black Parade and Jane’s Addiction created their iconic LP Nothing's Shocking. From those sunny climes came Ellipsis, which finally arrives today.  


Who’s producing it?

Rich Costey, the man who was behind the controls on Muse’s Absolution and Black Holes and Revelations, Death Cab For Cutie’s Kitsungi and Frank Turner’s Tape Deck Heart, is on duty here, he co-produces with Biffy Clyro themselves.


Any special guests?

None. Just Simon Neil and the Johnston twins.


What does it sound like?

It’s fair to say that after the band’s everything but the kitchen sink approach to Opposites, this is a much leaner record, clocking in at just 11 tracks, or 13 if you pick up the deluxe edition, no song breaches four and a half minutes.

The brevity hasn’t reined in the band’s eccentricities though, there are still the wicked time signatures, the bombastic riffs and some absolutely killer choruses.

Opener ‘Wolves Of Winter’ sums up what has made so many people fall in love with Biffy Clyro; a stomping guitar riff, a melody that will stick to the inside of your head like fresh chewing gum and a series of weird musical left turns. It’s glorious, so are ‘Animal Style’ and ‘Flammable’

Both ‘Re-Arrange’ and ‘People’ also prove that no band does a big, soaring, arms aloft ballad like Biffy Clyro do, they’re both up there with ‘Many Of Horror’.


Does it deliver?

Of course it does. It’s another triumph for the Scottish trio. All hail Biffy Clyro!

Biffy Clyro’s new album Ellipsis is out now and is available to order here in hmv’s online store.

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