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by Dan hmv Cardiff, Bio TBC reviews... Billy Talent @ Cardiff Tramshed

Billy Talent blasted into Cardiff last night (October 24th) and we were there to review it...



Canada's punk rockers Billy Talent coming to the end of their extensive UK tour.



In Cardiff's latest venue to be opened, The Tramshed.

Any good supports?

Young Guns are a real treat for everyone here this evening as they could easily sell out this venue themselves. Opening with 'Rising Up', the sound is massive especially for a support act.

With their latest album Echoes they've expanded as a band becoming even grander and epic with songs like the album title track and 'Awakening'. 'There Will Be Rain' is played for the very early fans however 'Bones' closes a huge set that threatens to outstage the headline act.


Was it full? And how were the crowd?

The sold out crowd are packed in from the soaking rain outside. From the well known singles to the deep album cuts the devoted fan base sing along to everything, with various crowd surfers keeping the punk rock vibe alive.


So what was the set like? What did they play?

As soon as the distorted baseline opens for 'Devil In A Midnight Mass', huge roar fills the room. Next follows Benjamin Kowalewicz's signature scream and the rest of the band kick in. The sound is loud...very loud and it doesn't let up through the duration.

We are treated to more early material in the forms of 'This Suffering' and 'This is How It Goes'. The first sign of their recent album 'Afraid Of Heights' is its opening track 'Big Red Gun' followed soon by 'The Crutch'. It contains that traditional Billy Talent groove they are recognised for mixed with a bit of Led Zeppelin to boot.

Whilst we get songs crossing their back catalogue, the set has a lot of material from both their latest effort along with their second album. 'Pins and Needles' is a rare outing for the song but it still has the same sing along factor that every song does.

'River Below' harkens back to their early material whereas 'Afraid Of Heights' shows a progression from their roots yet still containing their classic sound. 'Surprise Surprise' comes straight out of the gates as a wonderful attack on the senses and 'Surrender' sees a slight breather from the relentless pace the songs are rattled through.

'Louder Than The DJ' is dedicated to everybody here tonight supporting live music and keeping it alive. For the encore we get 'Try Honestly' from their debut along with two more cuts from their second release. 'Fallen Leaves' gives everyone with enough energy left the perfect opportunity to pogo up and down.

Every ounce of energy is surely used during the rousing finale of 'Red Flag' inciting pits opening in every section of the venue. This surely is a show to remember if not for the fact that everyone's ears are still going to be ringing for several days to come!


Any good between song banter?

They talk about their times in Wales previously, remembering their first show in a tiny Barfly playing with Frank Turner's 'Million Dead'. They also admit to not liking football (or soccer) at all but comment how they were rooting for Wales for "Whatever cup they were just in."


Did they put on much of a show?

They certainly don't give any less than their full effort throughout. Frontman Benji uses every inch of the stage to run and jump about from the first song to the very last.


What was the highlight of the set?

The two slices we get from fourth album Dead Silence are particular highlights this evening with the later of 'Viking Death March' being a standout. Proclaimed as a call out to the 'Homophobic, Racist and Misogynistic Trump' everyone has their fingers raised high whilst they bounce around to its chorus.

Where can I catch them next?

Their final show of their UK tour is tonight in Southampton but they head straight to Europe afterwards before touring their native Canada again.


Billy Talent's new album Afraid Of Heights is out now and available to preview and purchase on the right-hand side of the page. 

Afraid of Heights
Afraid of Heights Billy Talent

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