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Brandon Flowers' The Desired Effect - What You Need To Know
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Brandon Flowers' The Desired Effect - What You Need To Know

With The Killers on hiatus after their exhaustive world tour in support of Battle Born, frontman Brandon Flowers is taking advantage of the break and releasing his second solo LP. Here’s everything you need to know about The Desired Effect


What’s The Background?

The Killers have spent their career flip-flopping between two very distinct sounds, albums one and three are all icy synths and big pop choruses with Pet Shop Boys, New Order and Duran Duran high in the mix, while albums two and four are dust in throat rock records, the kind that bring to mind Bruce Springsteen at his most epic and Neil Young at his most concise. Their latest album, 2012’s Battle Born, falls in the latter category, stomping choruses and driving arena rock. It was an album that the band toured hard, starting in the summer of 2012 and ending in the summer of 2014 and a LP that has been followed with a hiatus, a hiatus that Brandon Flowers has used to follow up his eccentric solo debut Flamingo, which was released all the way back in 2010.



What Does It Sound Like?

This album sees Flowers fully embracing his love of 1980s electro and the wonky pop of that same era. Think Roxy Music, classic Duran Duran, ‘Let’s Dance’ era David Bowie, Prince, even Robert Palmer and Toto. Think the Top Gun soundtrack covered by Radiohead. Incredible.



Who’s Produced The Thing?

Last time out Flowers worked with multiple producers, including Stuart Price and Daniel Lanois, this time he’s gone with man of the moment Ariel Rechtshaid, the man who has been behind the controls on hit albums from the likes of HAIM, Rae Morris and Sky Ferreira. He’s helped out pop behemoths like Madonna, Beyonce and Taylor Swift too in recent months.



Any Special Guests?

Loads and loads of them. First up is Flowers’ bandmate in The Killers, Mr Ronnie Vanucci, then there’s HAIM’s Danielle, the Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant, celebrated bassist Ethan Farmer and Grateful Dead’s Bruce Hornsby.



Does It Deliver?

This is a slick, 80s worshipping pop album and it sounds brilliant. If you’re going to do a solo album, then you may as well have some fun, and Flowers really has.


Brandon Flowers’ new album The Desired Effect is out now. 

The Desired Effect
The Desired Effect Brandon Flowers

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