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Brian Fallon explains why he titled his new album, Local Honey...
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Brian Fallon explains why he titled his new album, Local Honey...

Brian Fallon releases his new solo album, Local Honey, today (March 27th). 

The album is The Gaslight Anthem frontman's third as a solo artist and the follow-up to 2018's Sleepwalkers. 

It is a more intimate collection than the motown-inspired and uptempo tracks on Sleepwalkers and was largely written on acoustic guitar. 

Asked by why he'd settled on Local Honey for the title, Fallon revealed it was inspired by farms near his home in New Jersey. 

He said: "I live near a lot of farms. I would be driving and I just kept seeing these signs everywhere. Local honey, local honey. I just thought that so weird. I started reading about what it was and it's a real thing. It's important to use a honey that's local to you because it helps, it's like a medicine."

He continued: "It'll have that local pollen in and strengthen your immune system, and the further away the honey, the less effective it is. I really liked that concept."

Fallon made the album with Peter Katis, the producer best known for his work with The National and Frightened Rabbit, working from his studio in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 

He said of the collaboration: "Peter was fantastic. I knew this record was going to be more stripped back and a lot more intimate than Sleepwalkers, and Peter is amazing at those records. When you work with him, you understand straight away why those National records sound so incredible."

Local Honey is out now and available to purchase here in hmv's online store. 


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