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Where To Start With… Bring Me The Horizon
by Tom
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Bring Me The Horizon

When Bring Me The Horizon emerged in the early noughties from the scruffy metal scene in Sheffield, you would not find one person, including any member of the band, their management or even parents, who would have believed they would be where they are now.

Largely derided in their first years as lacklustre metalcore wannabees, they’re now one of the biggest bands in Britain. They can sell out multiple nights in arenas across Europe and are even curating their own festival later this summer in London’s Victoria Park.

Today they return with amo, their first new album in four years and the sixth of their career. Written and recorded in Los Angeles, with singer Oli Sykes and keyboardist Jordan Fish handling production, the album sees the band delving further into experimental pop production and moving away from the iron-throated metalcore of their early years.

With the album out on January 25th, we thought we’d chart the band’s incredible journey and give you a where to start with Bring Me The Horizon...

‘Chelsea Smile’

Bring Me The Horizon’s debut LP Count Your Blessings is a scrappy collection of ideas and it wasn’t until 2008’s Suicide Season that the band really found their feet. That album is a fierce, angry and punchy metalcore record, full of fury and power. The pick of the brunch is ‘Chelsea Smile’ with its steel-plated riff and thumping breakdown.


‘It Never Ends’

On 2010’s lengthily titled There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret, the band began to display their ambition and to experiment with electronica.

‘It Never Ends’ is a perfect marriage between the two. Powered by a driving riff, it mixes in haunting orchestra and electronics, all the while building to a fearsome breakdown.


‘Can You Feel My Heart?’

If the electronics were beginning to be a feature of the band’s sound on There Is A Hell…, then they were pushed right to the fore on 2013’s Sempiternal, which also saw the introduction of new member Jordan Fish, who has since gone to be a key songwriter.

The album’s opener is built around jagged keyboards and pounding percussion, all leading up to a monster chorus. It’s dark, majestic and absolutely enormous.



Sempiternal’s highlight, a swirling, punchy and anthemic track with so much going on. Still a live favourite.


2015’s That’s The Spirit album saw the band take another big musical sidestep, this time moving completely away from metal and towards experimental pop.

‘Throne’ is a towering pop-rock track, one designed to be screamed back to the band by thousands of people, as it has been for the last four years...

Bring Me The Horizon’s new album amo is released on January 25th. 

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