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BROS reunite, announce huge UK arena show for 2017
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BROS reunite, announce huge UK arena show for 2017

Big-selling boyband BROS have announced that they have reunited.

The band, who consist of brothers Luke and Matt Goss, have not played together since an appearance at Wembley Stadium on August 19th in 1989. They will now reunite for a show at London's O2 Arena on August 19th in 2017, exactly 18 years after their last show. 

You can find tickets details for the show here. 

The group's third member Craig Logan, who left the band in 1989, is not part of the reunion. 

Speaking about the show and reunion, Matt Goss said: “The most memorable moments for me in BROS so far is Wembley Stadium and without question our final global tour.,

His brother Luke added: “Both of these experiences were just with Luke and myself. As the lead singer of the band, my musical connection has always been with Luke. BROS is Matt and Luke. BROS has been part of my life for 30 years. I’m deeply proud of it. Our biggest show was at Wembley Stadium, BROS Into Summer, it was just Matt and I so I feel comfortable saying with great pride that Matt and I are BROS.”

During their career the band became the youngest band to ever headline Wembley Stadium and sold millions of albums. They broke up in 1992 after releasing three studio albums. They are best known for their 1987 hit single 'When Will I Be Famous'. 


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