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Busted announce reunion tour and new music for 2016
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Busted announce reunion tour and new music for 2016

Pop-rock trio Busted have announced they are to reform for a new tour next year and have already recorded “three or four” new songs. The announcement comes 11 years after the band's last show together, the last of a 12-night run at Wembley Arena, after which Charlie Simpson left to pursue a career as frontman for alt-rockers Fightstar.

Simpson reunited with the band's other two members Matt Willis and James Bourne for a road trip to Philadelphia, telling fans at at announcement in that he was “astounded” to find that he and Bourne had been listening to the same kind of music in recent years, adding that the pair were “worlds away, creatively” when the band parted ways more than a decade ago.

The band also revealed that they almost reunited three years ago, but that Simpson wanted to concentrate on his career in Fightstar, a decision which eventually led the two remaining members to from supergroup McBusted with members of McFly.

The decision to return will surprise many fans as Simpson had repeatedly stated that he would “never” rejoin the band, describing his time with Busted as being “like torture', but today Simpson told journalists at a press conference in London: “Staying in the band at that time could have risked our friendship. I’ve lost count of the number of times where I’ve said publicly I wouldn’t do this again. But I have changed my mind.”

The band announced that the tour will kick off with a show on May 11th, once again at Wembley, as well as confirming that new music would be on the way: “Busted only had two albums”, said Willis, “so we’re probably going to play every song that you know then start all over again”.

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