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Charli XCX’s Crash: What You Need to Know
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Charli XCX’s Crash: What You Need to Know

The most recent album from Charli XCX, 2020’s How I’m Feeling Now, was not only an album created and released during lockdown, as many were, but also a product of it, in a way; Charli approached making the record in a collaborative way by communicating directly with her fanbase, taking on ideas which helped shape the record and produced something a little more mellow and introspective than her previous outings.

Now, though, it’s fair the say the party has been very much re-started with her new album, Crash, arriving in stores this Friday (March 18) and representing something of a ‘vibe shift’ from her last record.

With her new album crashing into our stores this week, here’s all you need to know about the latest full-length offering from Charli XCX…


A little background…

Word of a new album began being teased all the way back in August 2021 with Charli posting a picture of a gravestone bearing her own name and the date March 18, along with snippets of footage featuring a song that would later turn out to be the album’s lead single ‘Good Ones’,


Who’s producing it?

Various producers have contributed to Crash including Ariel Rechtshaid, Oneohtrix Point Never, Digital Farm Animals, A.G. Cook and The 1975’s George Daniel, to name a few.


Any special guests?

‘New Shapes’ features both Caroline Polachek and Christine and the Queens, while ‘Beg of You’ features an appearance from Rina Sawayama.


What does it sound like?

For the most part How I’m Feeling Now was a more introspective, gentler and generally more chilled record than her previous albums – although not without its bangers – but on Crash there’s definitely a shift upwards in tempo across the album as a whole. The pulsing electro-pop of ‘Good Ones’ to the bouncing groove of ‘Beg For You’ are cases in point here, while tracks like ‘Baby’ and ‘New Shapes’ keep the pace but add slick, funky party vibes to the album.

There are gentler moments too though - ‘Every Rule’ being one of the highlights on that front - and a few darker edges here and there, but nothing that quite matches the ‘evil era’ description Charli has mentioned in recent months (although she also used the word ‘poptastic’, which seems much more accurate fit).


Does it deliver?

Charli has talked openly about how her next album would be inspired by 80s pop like Janet Jackson and Cameo, and that definitely shines through on Crash. Her last album showed a slightly mellower side to her songwriting and while that remains in some places, for the most part Crash is just pure, joyous pop executed in a way that makes it seem effortless. What’s not to like?


Crash is available in hmv stores now – you can also find it here in our online store.

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