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Charlie Puth's Nine Track Mind - What You Need To Know
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Charlie Puth's Nine Track Mind - What You Need To Know

You’ll know him best for his duets, but Charlie Puth is about to strike out all on his own with Nine Track Mind (you can preview and purchase the album on the right-hand side of the page), here’s what you need to know about it...


A little background…

Even if the name Charlie Puth means very little to you, you’ll certainly have heard his voice. He’s on ‘See You Again’, the massive hit for Wiz Khalifa that hit the top spot in the UK and soundtracked the tearjerking end of Furious 7.

He’s been around for a while though, initially finding fame as a YouTube star and releasing two independent albums. But his major label debut Nine Track Mind (although it confusingly has 12 tracks) is only now hitting shelves.


Who’s Producing It?

Puth has called in some big names to help him out. You’ve got DJ Frank E, who’s best known for his work with Flo Rida, J.R Rotem, who has helped Rihanna, Maroon 5 and the cast of Empire come up with some huge tracks and Red Triangle, who have hits from The Saturdays, The Vamps and Cheryl on their CV.


Any Special Guests?

Indeed. Meghan Trainor helps Puth out on big hit ‘Marvin Gaye’, Selena Gomez is there on ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ and Shy Carter pops up on ‘As You Are’.


What Does It Sound Like?

This is an album that’s split between jaunty piano pop and soaring ballads, so if you like the sound of the singles you’ve heard so far, then you should be very happy with the rest of the record.


Does It Deliver?

If you’ve liked what you’ve heard so far then you’ll dig the album, it’s crammed full of big-hearted pop songs.


Charlie Puth’s Nine Track Mind is out now.

Nine Track Mind
Nine Track Mind Charlie Puth

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