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“This album is a good snapshot of where British music is right now…” - talks to Chase & Status
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“This album is a good snapshot of where British music is right now…” - talks to Chase & Status

As they prepare to unleash their fourth studio album in early 2017 we spoke to Chase & Status’s Will Kennard about what we can expect from the album and a look back at their hectic 2016...


How has 2016 been for Chase & Status?

“It’s absolutely flown by, I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of it. We’ve toured a lot and had a great summer of festivals as we have the last few years. We had our residency in Ibiza this summer which was great again and lots of great gigs. Alongside that we’ve been trying to finish our new album, which we started all the way back in October 2015. We’ve put a couple of tracks out this year and we’re putting the finishing touches to the album now and it’ll be out early next year.”


Has touring so much made it more difficult to work on your new album?

“A little bit. We were quite all over the place with the last record too. For this album we’ve tried to look back at our last three albums and really analyse what worked and what didn’t and focus on our strengths. It’s been nice to look back and try and really figure out who we are. We’ve taken our best bits and packaged them up for this new album. I hope it’s an album that will be appeal to our early fans, the ones who loved us when we were a pure drum and bass act, I hope there’s as much for them as there is for our new fans, the ones who’ve seen us as we’ve got more commercial success.”


Can we expect many guest appearances?

“It’s an album full of features. We’ve got lots of young, undiscovered singers who we really believe in, but lots of established acts too. We’ve been really blessed on this album, so many amazing people from different backgrounds and different genres. One day we’ll be in the studio with a grime rapper or a reggae artist and the next we’ll be in with a girl with an acoustic guitar and a gospel choir. We love the mix we get and keeping it interesting.”


Are there any guests you can tell us about?

“It’s very exciting and we’re really proud of it, but we’re very wary of talking things up before they’re absolutely set it stone. Also we want to keep that element of surprise. I will say that it’s mostly British names, British singers and rappers, this album is a good snapshot of where British music is right now.”


How do collaborations work for you guys these days? Do you go to people or do they come to you?

“A bit of both really. We’ve learned over the years that you can never spend enough time networking and nothing drops into your lap, you’ve got to go out and work to find amazing people to get these songs. We’re always going to shows and keeping up with our contacts, you need to hustle all the time in this business.”


How’s everything going with your label MTA?

“Great. Drum & bass is our true love and we’ve got these two new guys called Dimension and 1991 and for me, though I’m obviously biased, I think they’re the most exciting names in the game right now. MTA keeps our ear to the ground and always on the lookout, it feeds into everything we do.”


So the plan for 2017 is album early doors and then more non-stop touring?

“Pretty much. We’ll see how it does as to how far we take it and what billings we get at next summer’s festivals, we’ve played a lot of them, but there are a few that we haven’t and we’d like to. Can’t rest on any laurels, it’s very competitive out there and you need to stay on top, we can’t wait to get the new tunes to people.”


Chase & Status’s new single ‘All Goes Wrong’ is out now and available here in hmv’s digital store.

Their new studio album will be released in 2017 and are on tour now across the UK. You can check out their previous albums here in hmv's online store. 

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