June 2, 2014

Clean Bandit give us a track by track to 'New Eyes'
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Clean Bandit give us a track by track to 'New Eyes'

As part of Clean Bandit's takeover,  the band have given us a track by track guide to their debut album New Eyes, read on for all the details...


1. 'Mozart's House'

"We wrote this in Moscow. It was when we were playing a lot of classical music in our string quartet but also living above a kiosk that pumped out Russian house music 24/7. The speech at the beginning is supposed to be humorous not a manifesto. This is our oldest song, written in 2008(!)."


2. 'Extraordinary' 

"This is about a complicated 3-way relationship where lines are blurred between friendship and more. It is happy and sad. We used a lot of steel drums and pizzicato in the track, and the vocalist is the wonderful Sharna Bass."


3. 'Dust Clears'

"Jack is singing on this, together with Noonie Bao. Grace's favourite song on the album. Check out the video, which we filmed starring our friend's dad ice-skating on a frozen lake in Sweden."


4. 'Rather Be'

"A song about being content with the person you are with."

5. 'A&E'

"It opens with a Bach chorale from St Matthew Passion. We spent months making the video, because Jack made the gold snake from scratch and made it move around London."

6. 'Come Over'

"Some inspirational advice from Grace in the verses, in duet with the brilliant Stylo G. Of all the songs on the album, we probably enjoy playing this song live the most."


7. 'Cologne'

"We wrote this with Nikki Cislyn and MNEK, and it features the wonderful Javeon. It deals with the theme of being in a club."


8. 'Telephone Banking'

"Love Ssega wrote the lyrics for this, and he is an old friend of ours. "Hey Grace, guess what? Cool!" is a representation of how he perceived nearly all conversations between Grace and Neil to go. Neil asks Grace, "Hey Grace, guess what?", followed by some kind of anecdote. And the answer tended to always be, "Cool!", whatever the anecdote was!"


9. 'Up Again'

"Triplets. Rae Morris."


10. 'Heart On Fire'

"This has a garage flavour and features Elisabeth Troy, who, when we perform live, sings many of the songs on the album. When we recorded the pizzicato strings in this we wanted such a dry sound that while one person was playing one string, the other person held down the other strings to damp the violin."


11. 'New Eyes'

"Jack is singing with Lizzo. This song is very personal, and was started when we were at a place called Nouailles in France. We named it after the place but people pronounced it "New Eyes", which we liked."


12. 'Birch'

"Eliza Shaddad. This song is very close to our hearts and it is interesting to play live because it is obviously much more quiet in character than the other songs on the album. The drums at the start feel late and slightly unsettling."


Clean Bandit are taking over hmv.com today (June 2nd), click here for an in depth interview with the band, Top 10s from the rest of the band and a full track by track. 

Clean Bandit's debut album New Eyes is out now in stores and can be previewed by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the page.

The band will be performing live and then signing copies of their debut album 'New Eyes' at hmv 363 Oxford Street, LONDON - Monday 2nd June - 6pm. Click here for more details.

New Eyes
New Eyes Clean Bandit
Clean Bandit - Heart On Fire (feat. Elisabeth Troy)

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