June 2, 2014

Clean Bandit's Jack Patterson picks his 10 favourite building materials...
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Clean Bandit's Jack Patterson picks his 10 favourite building materials...

As part of Clean Bandit's takeover, each member will be curating their own personal Top 10, this is bassist/keyboardist Jack Patterson's Top 10 building materials...


1. Concrete

"It's incredibly versatile and strong. There is even semi-transparent concrete made with optical fibre. With a wall made of this you can see the shadows of the trees in your garden on the inside walls."

2. Glass

"An obvious choice. Great for making windows."

3. Plywood

"It's a cunning design which exploits the natural grain of wood to gain it's immense strength. Stacked up and carved it looks great!"

4. Steel

"Steel is incredibly strong under tension which makes it the ideal choice for making suspension bridges. It is also a crucial component in concrete construction (my favourite)."

5. Slate

"Nothing beats the sensation of cool, hard slate under your bare feet. Especially in an exclusive Swiss spa."

6. Straw

"Used for thatching roofs. This is my 6th favourite construction material."

7. Bakelite

"Not really a construction material, but this material was used extensively in industrial design in the 50s and 60s. Some great telephones and radios were made of this heavy shit."

8. MDF

"This is a great cheap material. It can be powdered down and mixed with MDMA to create MDMF a drug favoured by builders around the world."

9. Paper

"Used by Japanese builders to great effect!"

10. Bricks

"The trusty classic. Glazed are my favourite, they make any public house shine bright."


Clean Bandit are taking over hmv.com today (June 2nd), click here for an in depth interview with the band, Top 10s from the rest of the band and a full track by track. 

Clean Bandit's debut album New Eyes is out now in stores and can be previewed by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the page.

The band will be performing live and then signing copies of their debut album 'New Eyes' at hmv 363 Oxford Street, LONDON - Monday 2nd June - 6pm. Click here for more details.

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New Eyes Clean Bandit
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