June 2, 2014

Clean Bandit's Neil Amin-Smith picks his 10 favourite social networks...
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Clean Bandit's Neil Amin-Smith picks his 10 favourite social networks...

As part of Clean Bandit's takeover, each member will be curating their own personal Top 10, this is violinist Neil Amin-Smith's 10 favourite social networks...


1. Hype Machine

"All in the name for this one. In the late 2010s i was all over hype machine and i discovered some great music through it. The best song it ever brought me was the Fred Falke remix of The Whitest Boy Alive - 'Golden Cage.”

2. Bebo

“Got my first girlfriend on here.”

3. Myspace

“Got my first friend on here.”

4. Facebook

“At university, I ran a club night and a concert series, and Facebook was pretty great for publicising them at that time. I've don't use it so much anymore, but I couldn't have paid my rent at university without it.”


5. Twitter

"My own twitter output mostly consists of ironic trivialities,  but I really do think twitter is so great for hearing what the people you respect have to say. 

6. Snapchat

"I've actually only ever used Snapchat for pretty innocent purposes  - the crap photos I send seem to get some hidden depth from being ephemeral. But it's great that it's sexually liberating teens across the world, I'm all for that shit. Although the guy who created it has just had some pretty gross misogynistic comments he made in 2010 leaked, which makes me feel like the app might have been designed for more sinister purposes..."

7. Instagram

"I only got Instagram recently and I still don't really get the appeal. I've got no real desire to look at photos that other people put up, it's like being forced to sit through someone's holiday album."

8. Whatsapp

"What's wrong with iMessage? Or SMS? Or email? Dunno...." 

9. Google+

"I don't think I know anyone who actually uses this, but I keep seeing bands and people tweet about stuff that they are doing on google+ and I guess it's cool that they must be getting paid for that. I love to see people earning good dollar for hard work."

10. Neopets

"People used to go on neopets at school during it lessons and I just couldn't believe it. It's like a shit, non-handheld version of digimon..."



Clean Bandit are taking over hmv.com today (June 2nd), click here for an in depth interview with the band, Top 10s from the rest of the band and a full track by track. 


Clean Bandit's debut album New Eyes is out now in stores and can be previewed by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the page.


The band will be performing live and then signing copies of their debut album 'New Eyes' at hmv 363 Oxford Street, LONDON - Monday 2nd June - 6pm. Click here for more details.


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