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Coldplay’s Everyday Life - What You Need To Know
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Coldplay’s Everyday Life - What You Need To Know

Coldplay return this week with new album Everyday Life, it’s in hmv stores from today (November 22nd) and here is everything you need to know about it...


A little background…

Back in 2014, Coldplay released Ghost Stories, an intimate and experimental LP, which owed much more to Jon Hopkins and Bjork than it did to U2 and R.E.M. Then, after lukewarm reviews and modest early sales, they dropped it almost immediately, with minimal touring and a trip straight back to the studio. 

Months later, in 2015, they released A Head Full Of Dreams, an LP as far away from Ghost Stories as it was possible to go. The darkness had been banished and the kinks had been ironed out in favour of a return to the bright day-glo pop of 2011’s Mylo Xyloto. It did stupendously, selling over six million copies and putting the band back in stadiums around the world. 

They’re doing things a little differently this time around though. The flash and colour of the last run has gone. The album was recorded very quietly and announced in low-key advertisements in local papers in different parts of the UK. 

Add to that, the band have already confirmed that there will be no world tour in support of this new album, until they’ve worked out how to do it sustainably… 


Who’s producing it?

Coldplay haven’t worked with a single producer on a record since 2002’s A Rush Of Blood To The Head, but in recent years they’ve moved into similar territory as many contemporary pop acts, with a list of producers and collaborators that’s as long as the arms of all the band’s members. 

These vary from the real big-hitters, Max Martin and Stargate, to regular collaborator Rik Simpson and right through to Angel Lopez and Federico Vindver, most recently heard working with Kanye West. 


Any special guests?

Plenty of production talent, but Martin, Buckland, Berryman and Champion are the only performers on the record. 


What does it sound like?

After the unashamed pop of A Head Full Of Dreams, this is a departure with a tracklisting that’s far more diverse than anything the band have done before. 

There are stripped back ballads, like ‘Daddy’, experimental flights of fancy like ‘Arabesque’, chirpy indie tracks like ‘Orphans’ and big anthemic pop songs like ‘Champion Of The World’. There’s far more going on here, but it’s a scattergun collection, not confined to a sound or a theme. 


Does it deliver?

After the quick pivot from Ghost Stories to A Head Full Of Dreams, Everyday Life is very much the sound of a band doing exactly what they want. If you’ve followed the band on every step of their journey, this will be another rewarding chapter, but it might take a few more listens than their recent output. Never a bad thing. 


Coldplay’s new album Everyday Life is out now in hmv stores.

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