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Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Dreams - What You Need To Know
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Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Dreams - What You Need To Know

Coldplay return with their bold, bright and colourful new album A Head Full Of Dreams today (you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page) and here is everything you need to know about it...


A little background…

2014’s Ghost Stories was a different experience for Coldplay for a plethora of reasons. First of all it was a big departure sonically, the big choruses, the soaring soundscapes and the impeccable ear for daytime radio were all put to one side in favour of a sound that owed more to the likes of Jon Hopkins and Portishead then it did to U2 or R.E.M. Secondly the band hardly toured it, they played a handful of gigs, avoided festival season completely and then went straight back into the studio. They’ve since said that Ghost Stories was a deliberately smaller album and left them free to do whatever they wanted to do. And that was A Head Full Of Dreams..


Who’s Producing It?

The band’s regular knob twiddler Rik Simpson has manned the controls, but they’ve also collaborated with Norwegian hit makers Stargate on much of the album. Stargate have serious pop pedigree, they’ve been responsible for 11 Number Ones in the UK alone and have worked with everybody from Rihanna to Rita Ora.


Any Special Guests?

Some very special guests as it happens. The one and only Beyonce sings on two tracks, with her daughter Blue Ivy guesting on one of them too, rising star Tove Lo helps out on ‘Fun’, American gospel singer Merry Clayton is also on the album as is Noel Gallagher, he plays guitar on ‘Up & Up’. The most surprising guests of all though are Martin’s soon to be ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, who sings on ‘Everglow’, and Annabelle Wallis, star of Peaky Blinders and now girlfriend of Martin, she also sings on one of the album tracks.


What Does It Sound Like?

After the intricate, stripped back nature of Ghost Stories, this is Coldplay returning to big, bombastic pop songs, the kind of tunes that are designed to fill the stadiums they’ve booked to headline next summer. This is an album packed with absolutely enormous choruses and huge, uplifting instrumentation, it’s not quite as straightforwardly pop as Mylo Xyloto, but it’s not far behind.  


Does It Deliver?

It’s a enormous joyous ride and it’ll sound brilliant in those huge venues they’ll be in all next year.


Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Dreams is out now.

A Head Full Of Dreams
A Head Full Of Dreams Coldplay

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What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know