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Creeper's Will Gould opens up about the concept behind new album Sex, Death & The Infinite Void...
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Creeper's Will Gould opens up about the concept behind new album Sex, Death & The Infinite Void...

Goth punks Creeper’s unveil their new album Sex, Death & The Infinite Void today (July 31st). 

Produced by relative unknown Xander Barry, the album continues the band’s mission to bring together epic theatricality with dark, brooding punk rock. 

The band had teased fans with the prospect that they may never return, with frontman Will Gould stating from the stage at London’s Koko in November of 2018 that "Not only is it the last show of this album, but it's the last show that we'll ever do". 

Speaking to in a forthcoming interview, frontman Will Gould revealed that although the pronouncement was billed as a stunt, it almost wound up coming true. 

He said: “We were very burnt out and it was the end of five years on the road. It was a grand plan to end the tour like that. I’d actually planned to be back sooner and so much happened that I was starting to believe the stunt was going to become real life. Reality and fiction merged. My songwriting partner ended up in hospital. I really thought the band might be over.”

Asked how the album came together, Gould admitted the process was a frustrating one, saying: “It really ebbed and flowed. We were trying to find a new sound and work out a new direction. We had to learn completely new ways of writing songs and it was really trial and error. It was the odd good day versus weeks of songs that we just binned. We wrote more songs than our career combined. Over 50 songs. There was no creative burst, it really took time. To not make the same thing again really took time.”

Gould also explained the concept for Sex, Death & The Infinite Void and its real-life origins. 

He said: “It’s centred around a small American town. I wanted to make an American record because we’ve spent so much time there. It’s based on this place called Dunsmuir in California. We were on tour across America with Waterparks and we had no money. We’d borrowed this party bus off our tour manager’s brother. The whole tour was mad. It went through Dunsmuir, which is quite remote and surrounded by mountains. It was basically Twin Peaks. Train tracks running through town, one local store. It just sparked into life for me.”

He continued: “I just thought ‘What is the worst thing that could happen here?’. I was reading this book K-Pax, which has a narrative of a man showing up and saying he’s an alien. So I wondered what would happen if you dropped something like in Dunsmuir? It’s given me this apocalyptic romantic story about a kid who’s found in a mine and he claims to be from another world. He’s got a prophecy that the world will end in seven days. There are seven families in this town, each one representing the seven deadly sins. And he meets this girl on his first night and they fall in love. It’s a doomed romance which climaxes on the final day…”

Creeper’s new album Sex, Death & The Infinite Void is out now and available here in hmv’s online store.

Sex, Death & the Infinite Void
Sex, Death & the Infinite Void Creeper

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