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David Bowie - hmv staff pay tribute to the Thin White Duke
by Tom
by Tom hmv London, Bio hmv.com Editor. Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows.

David Bowie - hmv Staff pay tribute to the Thin White Duke

The world lost a true icon this week when David Bowie passed away at the age of 69. Tributes have poured in all week to the man who meant so much to so many people and here at hmv we wanted to add our own. 

To commemorate and celebrate Bowie's extraordinary life and achievements, we asked hmv staff across the UK to name their favourite Bowie album and why. This is what they said...


Diamond Dogs

(By Nick, hmv 363 Oxford Street)

"1972. I'm 11 years old. Tony Blackburn is on the Radio 1 Breakfast show being chirpy, promoting that nights Top of the Pops; 'We have the amazing David Bowie..' I'd never heard of him but that evening I tuned in as usual, watched open mouthed, entranced & that was it. He would always have that ethereal, other world quality to me that no one, not even Bolan could capture.

A few months later, I bought 'Jean Genie' on 7 inch single, feeling very grown up. My older, more life experienced friend telling me 'Lives on his back' didn't mean what I thought it might do. I had no idea what he was talking about but nodded. Later still, art class at school, lesson that day, draw your favourite pop star. My art teacher, 'Who is David Bowie?' I couldn't draw, but the dedication and pride was there in spades and always would be."


Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)

(By Paul, hmv Chichester)

"Scary Monsters was the first Bowie album I purchased.  I knew his work long before this but something about the Ashes to Ashes track and promo clip just hit me full on. For me the first five tracks that formed side one of the album is simply perfection, side two is brilliant to. Scary Monsters ranks at number 13 in my all time favorite albums it's simply a master piece in my opinion."


Young Americans

(By Tony, hmv music buyer)

"Bowie’s output as a musician, actor and artist was impressive enough, but when you consider the fact that his influence can be seen and felt in virtually every strand of popular culture, it makes him virtually unique. For me, Bowie was a constant presence. He leaves behind a soundtrack of incomparable classic songs and albums, with a personal favourite being Young Americans, but, that said, his songs are so timeless it’s difficult to pin down their release to a particular decade, much less a particular year. He never appeared to be deliberately courting fashion or following any current trend, always staying at least one step ahead of the pack – or perhaps he was forcing everyone else to change direction and lean in a little closer, just to get a better look at what he was up to. Most of all, I’ll remember him as a truly inspirational artist, recognising his role in shaping and influencing virtually every artist or genre of music I love." 



(By Rachel, hmv Norwich)

"My memories of Bowie's music would have been hearing the crazy sounds of 'Laughing Gnome' on Radio 1's Saturday morning kids show, then hearing 'Rebel Rebel' in girls fashion shop 'Chelsea Girl' and later older teens in my village getting super excited about the announcement of the Serious Moonlight tour. Furiously plotting how they could get tickets to Milton Keynes Bowl. Catching his enigmatic presence in The Man Who Fell To Earth, discovering the timeless Berlin albums and his work with Iggy Pop, which I return to the most. Is there a more iconic portrait than the "Heroes" LP cover? Art and Androgyny. RIP David Bowie. The prettiest star."


The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust

(By Claire, hmv Leeds)

"Well, what can I say. Its as if I've lost a family friend! I grew up with Bowie, and I'll be forever thankful that I got to see his last ever tour with my dad back in 2004. My four-year old son knows who Bowie is and I intend to make sure he always does!! I can't believe he has gone but he went with such style and grace which you wouldn't expect anything less from the legend. Gods can die after all."



Hunky Dory

(By Tony, hmv London)

"Hunky Dory is David's greatest album in a career of great album. From the commercial success of 'Changes' and the peerless 'Life On Mars' to the inpenetrable  weirdness of "The Bewlay Brothers". It remains every bit as good to this day."



(By David, hmv Gateshead)

"David Bowie, the man of many faces, has touched us all in very different ways, for me personally it's the variation in his music that I love, every era brought a new style of Bowie, something for everyone, one of my favorite albums is Earthling, it's a dance album, not what you would expect, but what could you expect from the man of mystery that was David Bowie, the man that refused a knighthood, you can't get more rock and roll than that..."



(Shell, hmv Manchester)

"David Bowie was an artist in the truest sense of the word. A seemingly otherworldly being, with the unique ability to engage with so many of us on a very deep and personal level. Outside is the album I find myself obsessing over most, going back to frequently, finding something new in every listen. That the central character is an art detective sums up perfectly how I feel about Bowie: his work challenges us to look within and without ourselves, to see our world as it is and how it might be, serving to remind us of our beauty, fragility, strength and dreams. Bowie will continue to fascinate, inspire, challenge and move people for centuries to come: because great art is eternal."


The Next Day

(By Tom, hmv.com)

"The Next Day isn't my favourite Bowie album, but I just love the story of how it came to be. Everyone assumed Bowie had retired, he hadn't appeared onstage for a decade and hadn't done an interview in years, but then, one day in January 2013, he was back. The most iconic pop star of all time had managed to record an entire album and keep it totally secret for two years! Surprising to the end, restless and always looking for new inspiration, that's Bowie's legacy to us all. Never rest on your laurels and never get comfortable." 

Blackstar David Bowie

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