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Deadmau5 and Disney set for court battle
by Tom
by Tom hmv London, Bio Editor. Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows.

Deadmau5 and Disney set for court battle

Deadmau5 and Disney are set for a court battle, after the studio tried to block the DJ's attempt to trademark his logo, which they say is too close to their Mickey Mouse image. 

The DJ, who released his seventh studio album while (1>2) earlier this summer (which you can preview it on the right hand side of the page), applied last year to trademark his brand to cover a diverse range of products including electrical and scientific equipment, toys and sporting goods.

However, according to US gossip website, the studio have attempted to block the trademark, alleging that it will damage their brand. 

Deadmau5 has been typically bullish in his response to the legal drama, tweeting "lawyer up Mickey" as well as series of other put downs to the studio. 

He wrote: 

while(1<2) (Explicit Content – Parental Advisory)
while(1<2) (Explicit Content – Parental Advisory) Deadmau5

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