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Disciples open up about working with Calvin Harris on new single 'How Deep Is Your Love'
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Disciples open up about working with Calvin Harris on new single 'How Deep Is Your Love'

London dance trio Disciples are currently making serious waves with their new single 'How Deep Is Your Love', a collaboration with Calvin Harris, which is sitting pretty at Number Two in the charts and battling hard for Number One this week. 

We chatted with the trio about how the collaboration with Harris came about and their plans for their debut album...


How did you and Calvin Harris wind up working together on ‘How Deep Is Your Love’?

"Two of us are published by fly-eye (Calvin Harris's publishing company). We were working on 'How Deep Is Your Love' and we sent it to him to hear his thoughts. He loved the track and he proposed working on it and collaborating on it together. We're honoured he would want to put a record out with us. It's always great when two worlds collaborate."

How long did the track take to put together?

"It was a quick process. We had the song for a while but as soon as we teamed up with Calvin, it was done within weeks."

The video’s been attracting quite a bit of attention, what did you make of it when you first saw it?

"We absolutely loved it. We couldn't take our eyes off Gigi (Hadid - model and star of the video). She oozes sexiness."


It’s your second big single this year after 'They Don't Know', will you look to get another track out before the year’s end?

"We'll see how it goes. All our processes are organic, so who knows..."


Are you building towards an album? Or is that a while away?

"We're working towards an album, but we're not too worried about when it comes out. The music has to be great first!"


How’s your summer been? Have you been enjoying festival season?

"The festival season has been great. We've enjoyed every minute and have some wicked ideas for the next season. We’ve also had some great gigs in Ibiza, especially playing at Amnesia for Defected and at Sankeys for We Love."

Finally, what’s been your favourite song of the summer?

"One Direction - 'Drag Me Down' - they beat us to number one. Respect."


Disciples's collaboration with Calvin Harris 'How Deep Is Your Love' is out now and available to purchase here from our digital store. 

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