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Disclosure’s Caracal - What You Need To Know
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Disclosure’s Caracal - What You Need To Know

After knocking it out of the park with their debut album Settle Disclosure are back with its long-awaited follow-up Caracal and here is everything you need to know about it...


What’s The Background?

Though their tracks had been doing the rounds on the web for a while, brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence only really came to public attention in late 2012 with their single ‘Latch’, which not only introduced the public to Disclosure, but also to one Sam Smith. Their debut album Settle followed in early 2013 and yielded a stream of hit singles, including ‘White Noise’, ‘F For You’ and ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’. The pair hit the road, playing bigger and bigger venues as they went, until they were right at the top of festival bills and into arenas.

Now, with new album Caracal, the duo come back as genuine big hitters, the kind of artist that labels tell their shareholders are going to pay sure they get their dividends. They’ve already co-headlined their own festival and are already confirmed to top the bill at Madison Square Garden, so it’s fair to say the expectations for Caracal are quite high…


Who’s Producing It?

Mostly it’s just the brothers, but their regular collaborator Jimmy Napes is all over the album, as you’d expect.


Any Special Guests?

As you’d expect, the list of guest singers is long and just as star-studded. Sam Smith, whose breakthrough was in no small part down to their previous collaboration on ‘Latch’, is back again on recent single ‘Omen’. The Weeknd’s involved too, lending his vocals to ghostly album opener ‘Nocturnal’, while Lorde adds her distinctive pipes to ‘Magnets’ and Miguel lights up a banger named ‘Good Intentions’.

Elsewhere there are guest spots from rising stars Lion Babe, Nao and Jordan Rakei as well as soul man Kwabs, and finally Gregory Porter, who lends his booming vocals to first single ‘Holding On’.


What Does It Sound Like?

The first thing to say is this is a much groovier record than Settle, the tracks are slower and take longer to build, but it’s far, far more rewarding when you get there. Rather than just tracks written to sound huge in the clubs, this an album of songs, big songs, with massive choruses and with way, way more soul.


And What The Hell Is A Caracal?

It’s a medium-sized cat,  a kind of wild cat known as the Desert Lynx or African Lynx.

Speaking about the title, Disclosure’s Howard Lawrence said: "I just love the way they look, their physical capabilities and their anonymity," he said. "It felt like a perfect fit for our Wild Life brand too, so the Caracal made perfect sense as the lead visual for the new album and over the course of recording, it also felt like a natural title for the new record too."


Does It Deliver?

This is a more focused record than Settle, more consistent and far more direct, but every bit as good as their debut. Their trajectory will keep on going resolutely upwards with this record.

Disclosure’s Caracal is out now

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