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Don Broco give an update on their new album: “We started out with 100 songs and we’re down to 16”
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Don Broco give an update on their new album: “We started out with 100 songs and we’re down to 16”

Rockers Don Broco have given an update on their progress in recording their second studio album, which is due out next year.

Speaking to, frontman Rob Damiani said that the band were almost finished with the new album and have just a few vocals to finish off. He also revealed that the band were prolific during the album’s writing sessions, ending up with 100 songs to choose from.

Asked how much material the band had to work with for the follow-up to their 2012 debut album Priorities (which you can preview on the right of the page), Damian replied: “It’s the first time we’ve written more songs than we’ve needed. We started out with 100 songs and we’re down to 16. There’ll be plenty of arguments no doubt about which songs finally make the album, but that’s a nice problem to have.”

The band have been working with sometime A frontman Jason Perry, who has produced albums with the likes of McFly and Kids In Glass Houses. Asked how Perry had been, Damiani was full of enthusiasm, saying: “He’s been amazing, he’s the first person we’ve worked with outside the band itself and our mates, he’s full of great ideas and has been really fun to work with. We’ve been in this residential studio down in Oxford, we’ve been able to concentrate and just focus on the album, which is sounding insane.”

Asked why they chose Perry: “We got a lot of recommendations from people, but we had no idea, we’ve always done stuff ourselves, but Jason wrote us this really nice email after hearing our demos and just seemed to absolutely get what we wanted from the album. He understood where we wanted to take things and from the first time we met him, we knew he was the guy for us.”

The singer also spoke about how the band wanted to move on from their debut album Priorities and revealed that they jettisoned any track that sound like it could have been included on that album.

Speaking about what they wanted from the album, Damiani said: “We didn’t have an agenda, but the writing really took on a life of its own. We didn’t want to re-tread any ground, anything that sounded like it could have been included on Priorities, we didn’t use. These are the best songs we’ve ever written. It’s also the first album we’ve made with Tom (Doyle) our bass player, he’s brought with him a real weight and a different dynamic, he’s made it really exciting.”

Then asked if they had a title yet, he replied that nothing was confirmed, but the band would look to incorporate the album’s positive spirit, saying: “We haven’t settled on anything yet. But the album’s theme is a lot more positive than when we used to be, we’re in a much better place than when we wrote Priorities, we were a struggling band back then. This album is about living with the decisions you make and not dreading the consequences.”

Finally if the album would be out when the band headline a UK tour with support from We Are The In Crowd in February, Damian replied that the band hoped so, but it was probably unlikely.

He said: “In an ideal world yes, but realistically it’ll be later in the year. We’re going to have more new music out before the tour, realistically we’ll be happy if it’ll be out by Easter.”

The band have previewed the album with new track ‘Money Power Fame’, which you can hear below.


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