November 22, 2013

Dusting Off... Frou Frou's 'Details'
by Tom
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Dusting Off... Frou Frou's 'Details'

If there's one thing we do well at hmv it's knowing our back catalogue. Our new 'Dusting Off...' series aims to shine a light on forgotten, underrated or just plain classic films and music from the past.

This week we revisit a much underrated, but beloved classic. We’re going back to 2002 and short-lived project Frou Frou’s brilliant album Details.


What’s the background?

Frou Frou was a short-lived, but wonderful project that consisted of singer-songwriter Imogen Heap and producer/songwriter extraordinaire Guy Sigsworth.

Heap is a celebrated solo artist in her own right and has released three brilliant albums with another due in March of 2014.

Sigsworth is better known for his role behind the scenes and has produced the likes of Seal, Bjork, Alanis Morissette, Britney Spears and Robyn.

The pair first met when in 1996 Sigsworth was given a demo of Heap’s and asked a mutual friend to set up a meeting. They ended up writing two songs together for Heap’s debut record I Megaphone, she then returned the favour by singing backing vocals with Sigsworth’s band Acacia.

Years later, after Acacia had split, Sigsworth decided to begin work on a solo album which he hoped would feature lots of different vocalists. However, after initially approaching Heap the pair’s collaboration went so well that they decided to make a full record together and Frou Frou was born.

Details Frou Frou

Will I have heard the tracks anywhere else?

You certainly will have done. The record’s lead-off single ‘Let Go’ was featured on the soundtrack to Zach Braff’s much acclaimed indie comedy Garden State and also as part of the soundtrack to The Holiday and countless TV shows.

Frou Frou have also been sampled by both Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky, with Wiz taking a slice of ‘Let Go’ for his 2010 track ‘In The Cut’ and A$AP using part of ‘Psychobabble’ on his 2013 cut ‘Ghetto Symphony’.


So what do they sound like?

Frou Frou’s album is packed full of ethereal, slinky electronic pop with enough folky shonk around the edges to make it feel like a warm and personal record. It’s also supremely catchy. In short, it absolutely rules.


Who will enjoy it?

Everyone! Well maybe not, but anyone who enjoys innovative, but still incredibly hummable pop music. If you’re into Robyn, Florence & The Machine or even more recent stuff like Lorde, then you should love Frou Frou.


You can check out Frou Frou’s album on hmvdigital now.


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