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Dusting Off... Pavement's Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
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Dusting Off... Pavement's Crooked Rain Crooked Rain

What is it?

Released in 1994, Crooked Rain Crooked Rain is the second studio album by alt-rock band Pavement. Formed at the back end of the 1980s, Pavement are often thought of as one of the key bands in the 'slacker' movement that sprang up through college campuses in the United Sates during the early 90s.

Beginning with their debut LP Slanted and Enchanted in 1992, Pavement's lo-fi sound was sometimes compared to The Fall's output (in fact, the famously curmudgeonly Mark E. Smith described them as a “rip-off” of his band at one point), but Pavement's music was always more melodic than that of some of their supposed influences and by their second LP, Crooked Rain Crooked Rain, this element of their sound was beginning to shine through.

Identifiable chiefly through the stream-of-consciousness lyrical style of the band's frontman and main creative force, Stephen Malkmus, Crooked Rain Crooked Rain's most well-known track is probably 'Cut Your Hair', having featured on a couple of soundtracks including the second of Johnny Knoxville's Jackass movies, but there are some other gems here too. 'Gold Soundz' is another highlight, along with 'Elevate Me Later' and 'Range Life', all of which are good introductions if you've never unearthed Pavement's music before.

Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
Crooked Rain Crooked Rain Pavement

Why should I revisit?

If you were around to remember the whole slacker thing the first time around you'll probably already be familiar with Pavement, but if you're not and you enjoy bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Beck's earlier output, this album is well worth a look. Also, if you've been getting into Stephen Malkmus via his new band The Jicks, this will prove a bit of a treasure trove for those hungry to hear more from his back catalogue.

Who will enjoy it?

Anyone who enjoys guitar music thats's melodic but also a little rough arund the edges should give Crooked Rain Crooked Rain a spin, you'll soon be humming along.

Pavement - 'Cut Your Hair'

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