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Dusting Off... Soul Position's 8,000,000 Stories
by James
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Dusting Off... Soul Position's 8,000,000 Stories

What is it?

Anybody who has seen AMC's long-running series Mad Men will, whether they know it or not, have already heard some of the work of producer RJD2. The man behind the music for the show's iconic opening sequence, RJD2 has produced a number of brilliant albums under his own name since his 2002 debut Deadringer, as well as for a range of hip-hop artists including Aceyalone, CunninLynguists and MF Doom (under his Viktor Vaughn alias), but in the early part of his career he was also one half of the Columbus, Ohio rap duo Soul Position. Along with rapper Blueprint, the pair released just two LPs, the latest of these being 2006's Things Go Better With RJ & Al, but it was in 2003 that they released their debut album, 8,000,000 Stories.

Having featured on the track 'Final Frontier' from RJD2's solo debut, Blueprint adds a level of wit and humour to the producer's heavy beats on their debut offering. As much a storyteller as a rapper, Blueprint may be one of the most underrated MCs around and on 8,000,000 Stories he weaves clever narratives around tales of everyday life, from the frustration about his work situation on 'Fuckajob' to the hilarious, drama-filled accounts of incidents and arguments involving his girlfriend on 'The Jerry Springer Episode'.

Between RJD2's intricately textured production and Blueprint's sharp lyrics, the match between them makes you wonder why they haven't made more records together, but the thing that really stands out about Soul Position's debut is just how much fun the duo seem to be having making it. It's as smart and sharp as any hip-hop record of its era but it never sounds like they are taking the whole thing too seriously. It's just a blast to listen to.

8,000,000 Stories
8,000,000 Stories Soul Position

Why should I revisit?

RJD2 has been one of the most in-demand producers in the hip-hop world over the last decade, so while it's a shame the duo haven't made more records together, it's easy to understand why. However, all that could be about to change, as rumours began circulating recently that the pair are lining up their fist new record in almost a decade, which may even arrive before the end of this year, so now is the perfect time to explore their back catalogue before they serve up another LP.

Who will enjoy it?

Fans of RJD2's solo work may already be aware of Soul Position's music, but anyone who enjoys alternative hip-hop like Aesop Rock or MF Doom will find it pretty easy to get along with this album, but it's a pretty easy record to listen to and we think anybody could enjoy the tunes on this LP.

Soul Position - 'The Jerry Springer Episode'

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Dusting Off...

Dusting Off...

Dusting Off...