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DZ Deathrays: "Recording our new album was a bit like The Shining"
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DZ Deathrays: "Recording our new album was a bit like The Shining"

Australian thrash poppers DZ Deathrays have opened up about their new album Black Rat, which is due for release later this year. 

Speaking to hmv.com, drummer Simon Ridley revealed that the band relocated to Yass, a tiny town in New South Wales, Australia, and that recording felt a lot like a scene from a horror film.

He said: "We did most of it in the middle of nowhere in this old cattle station, just Shane (Parsons, guitar/vocals) and me. Recording there was a bit like being in The Shining, it was so remote. We had no car or way of getting around, there were certainly no distractions."

Then asked if the quiet surroundings had rubbed off on the notoriously rowdy pair, Ridley replied: "We only did half of it there, we did the other half in this nightclub that belonged to one of our managers, so we'd be playing in this empty nightclub in the daytime. It definitely gave the record a night-time feel."

Ridley also revealed the pair did pre-production in one of the mansions owned by a member of INXS, adding: ""We actually recorded in one of the mansions owned by one of the guys from INXS and there'd be a lot of crazy INXS parties there, especially when you consider there was a hot tub with a glass chandelier right over it..."

Asked if the band lived up to the INXS lifestyle, he said: "Yeah, I'd say so. We drank a lot of beers every night, we'd party every night and record every day. We live in different cities now, so when we get together it's always a party."


DZ Deathrays' new album Black Rat is available to pre-order now from hmv stores and on hmvdigital. 


Black Rat
Black Rat DZ Deathrays

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