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Ellie Goulding's Brightest Blue - What You Need To Know
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Ellie Goulding's Brightest Blue - What You Need To Know

Ellie Goulding returns this week with Brightest Blue, it's the singer's first new LP in five years and here is everything you need to know about it...


A little background...

In the first five years of her career, Ellie Goulding delivered three full-length albums, but it's taken a further five for her new LP, Brightest Blue, to arrive. 

To be fair to the singer, not only has she kept fans happy with a steady stream of singles, including a cover of Joni Mitchell's 'River', which topped the UK charts, but she also got married and has changed management. It's easy to see where the time has gone. 

She started work on the album at the start of 2017, but it's taken a while for the singer to settle on a collection that she was happy with. 

In the end, the album will be presented in two distinct parts, the first is Brightest Blue itself, which is 13 tracks, with a further five on EG. 0, all of which are singles, including big hits 'Close To Me' and 'Worry About Me'. 


Who's producing it?

With Goulding's back catalogue, you'd expect the album to be full of big-name producers, and it is, though some of her choices are a little more left of centre this time. 

The key collaborators are Joe Kearns, who has executive produced the record, as well as regular collaborators Jim Elliot and Starsmith, who has worked with the singer on each of her previous records, is on four tracks. 

Elsewhere there are appearances from Patrick Wimberly, who is one half of Chairlift, Snow Patrol's Johnny Coffer and Tobias Jesso Jr, but no space for Max Martin or Greg Kurstin, who the singer has worked with extensively in the past. 


Any special guests?

On Brightest Blue itself, there's plenty of production talent, but just the one special guest, experimental maestro serpentwithfeet features on opener 'Start'. 

On EG.0, which includes two years' worth hit singles, the guest are plentiful, you've got Diplo, Lauv, Juice Wrld and Blackbear. 


What does it sound like?

There's a clear dividing line between the two collections. Brightest Blue is a far more ethereal, dreamy set of songs, all built around spacious soundscapes and soaring melodies. This is a collection more indebted to Imogen Heap and Bjork than any fixture in today's Top 10. 

EG.0 is a more straightforward set of contemporary pop, the production is louder and more vibrant, but it's a singles collection, rather than Brightest Blue, which is very much an album. 


Does it deliver?

If you're up for a longer journey, or you just want hits, hits, hits, then both are catered to here. 


Ellie Goulding's new album Brightest Blue is out now and available here in hmv's online store. 

Brightest Blue
Brightest Blue Ellie Goulding

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