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Eminem’s Revival - What You Need To Know
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Eminem’s Revival - What You Need To Know

The rapper makes his return today with new album Revival and here is everything you need to know about it...


A little background…

When he’s not got a new album in the offing, or even when he does, we don’t hear much from Marshall Mathers. Normally after the album drops and the rapper completes his touring commitments, he’ll disappear until we get the next one, but the time in between 2013’s sequel to The Marshall Mathers LP and Revival has actually seen Eminem keep fairly busy.

He launched a career-spanning, all-encompassing vinyl box set, completed collaborations with Yelawolf and Skylar Grey and contributed two tracks to the soundtrack to hit boxing drama Southpaw. Then he got started on Revival...


Who’s producing it?

As he’s been doing since the start of his career, Mathers has leaned on his old friend Dr Dre for production help, as well as Dre, there’s also assistance from Alex Da Kid, D12 man Mr Porter and the zen master Rick Rubin.


Any special guests?

Yes indeed. Eminem always delivers a starry roster of guest stars for his records and his opening salvo this time features the world’s biggest star, Beyonce herself, who guests on ‘Walk On Water’. Next up we’ve got rising rapper Phresher, who features on ‘Chloraseptic’, followed by another big draw, Mr Ed Sheeran, who lends a hand on ‘River’.

Alicia Keys is next, appearing on ‘Like Home’, while eccentric troupe X Ambassadors are on ‘Bad Husband’ before Eminem’s regular collaborator Skylar Grey arrives to help out on ‘Tragic Endings’.

Then we’ve got Kehlani, she features on ‘Nowhere Fast’, before we round things off with P!nk, who returns the favour Eminem did her when he appeared on her new LP Beautiful Trauma, by lending a hand on ‘Need Me’.


What does it sound like?

With 19 tracks included across the album, there’s a lot of variety going on here, there are the big, arms aloft moments, like ‘Walk On Water’ and ‘Like Home’, but what marks this album out from the rapper’s most recent efforts, is the aggression. New cut ‘Untouchable’, a searing indictment on police brutality, is one of a collection of fired-up barrages against the state of American politics, society and one Donald Trump...


Does it deliver?

This is Eminem at his most confrontational in a decade. After the nostalgic trip of his 2013 sequel to The Marshall Mathers LP, this is a fiery and powerful new chapter. Let’s just hope he takes it out on tour...


Eminem’s Revival is out now and available to purchase here in hmv’s online store.

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