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Fall Out Boy's Mania - What You Need To Know
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Fall Out Boy's Mania - What You Need To Know

The Chicago fousome’s journey into pop experimentalism continues today with new album Mania, here is everything you need to know about it…


A little background…

Fall Out Boy’s journey into Mania has been an interesting one. They endured a very successful tour in support of 2015’s American Beauty/American Psycho, culminating in a co-headline slot at 2016’s Reading and Leeds Festivals and a worldwide arena tour.

The band had talked up going straight into the studio for a follow-up and teed up the album as a complete fresh start, with bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz calling it a “big palette cleanse”. Sessions progressed and the album was confirmed in early summer of 2017 for a September release. But then, the band had second thoughts.

In early August they announced that the release date was going back to early January and they were working again on the album, which they now said felt “rushed”.

Now with extra time in the studio well spent, the album has arrived.

Who’s producing it?

The days of the band calling in just one knob twiddler seem to be long behind them. This time they have called in many of pop production’s heavyweights, with Sia Furler, Pharrell Williams and Rihanna/Paloma Faith collaborator Jesse Shatkin all on duty.

Any special guests?

Just the one. Nigerian dancehall singer Burna Boy guests on a track named ‘Sunshine Riptide’. 


What does it sound like?

This is the foursome’s most straightforwardly pop album thus far, with hip-hop beats, slinky R&B guitars and shimmering electronics all in liberal use. There are more nods to reggae and dancehall on this album then there are to Green Day or Blink-182.

The band’s taste for the anthemic is still very much intact though, you only have to listen to swaggering semi-ballad ‘Church’ and the giant hit ‘Champion’ to hear that.

Pete Wentz’s irreverent lyrical bite is as sharp as ever and there are plenty of witty couplets to entertain us.

Does it deliver?

Anyone hankering after the days when Fall Out Boy were a pop-punk band with a smattering of hardcore influences will be disappointed once again. But anyone who has stuck around and been hooked in by the band’s interesting take on contemporary pop and rock will have plenty to work with here.

Fall Out Boy’s new album Mania is out now and available here in hmv’s online store.

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