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Fatherson open up about the making of new album Sum Of All Your Parts...
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Fatherson open up about the making of new album Sum Of All Your Parts...

Over the course of their eight-year career, Scottish trio Fatherson have established a reputation for pumping out songs built on soaring guitars, jagged rhythms and powerhouse pop-rock choruses.

They have continued that form onto new album Sum Of All Your Parts, which arrives on shelves today (September 14th). 

We sat down with the band to find out all about how they put the album together...


When did you start putting together the songs for Sum Of All Your Parts?

Marc (Strain, bassist): "We started working on this album at the start of 2017. We were on tour from February until April and at that point already had the song 'Making Waves'. Whilst we were away we managed to find a studio space in Glasgow and once we finished that tour we unloaded the van there and then spent pretty much every day from April until January of this year working on the album."


How did you want the album to move on from what you did on Open Book?

Marc: "At the start of the writing process we knew we wanted to do something different but we weren’t sure exactly what it was that we wanted. There was definitely a couple of months that we were just trying to understand what this album needed to be."

"Having ‘Making Waves’ sitting there pretty much finished helped to shape the sound of the record to an extent, but what started to become really clear was that we really loved how the songs were sounding when we demoed them live in the room. It was important for us to make sure we loved every song on the record and to make it work as an album."


You did the album with Claudius Mittendorfer, what did he bring to the process?

Marc: "A lot. We’ve been in this band since we were kids. So the relationship between the three of us is more like brothers than just friends or bandmates. As a result, it can be a bit weird having someone come in to work with us on something as personal and important to us as an album is. As Claudius is based in New York, the first time we met was when he flew into Glasgow to meet us before starting recording the album."

"Before that, we had chatted loads on Skype and everything he said and every idea he brought to the table was exactly what we were thinking and that partnership really helped push this record over the finishing line. From the get-go, it was clear that he was the perfect man for the job and we had an amazing month in Castleford recording."



What kind of album is this lyrically? Is there a theme to it?

Ross (Leighton, vocals/guitars): "It’s probably less coded than the records before. The general theme is a bit more tongue in cheek about how things are affecting me. It’s definitely more personal to me this album than the last. It kind of deals with feeling like shedding that worry of always trying to do the right thing and striking a balance between what keeps you happy and inspired."


Which song on the album took the longest to get right?

Marc: "The songs that made it on to the album were the ones that happened most organically and weren’t too difficult to pull together. A lot of the songs that we spent weeks on trying to get right ended up not making the cut. The song that probably was the most difficult was ‘Building A Wall’. This was written from a drum loop up, which is something that was really weird for us as pretty much every other song has came together with us playing in a room."


And which came together most quickly?

Marc: "'Charm School' happened in an hour or two and was very similar to how it is now. That was a lot of fun."


When did you settle on Sum Of All Your Parts for the title? Were any other titles in contention?

Marc: "Song and album titles are not something that we’re very good at. It’s always something that we have to sit down and spend a bit of time working out. We had a couple of ideas floating about. But it was just one day, we were all chatting on our group chat and one of us suggested Sum Of All Your Parts and it turned out we’d all independently thought that would work."


What are your plans to take the album out live?

Marc: "We’re heading out on tour in October and November, then we’re going to be out playing live as much as possible with lots of plans for next year coming together. We'll also be popping up here there and everywhere."


You’re three albums deep now, how is your setlist coming together? Are there any old songs you’re happy to say goodbye to?

Marc: "We worked out the setlist for October just the other day and it’s great having three albums to pick between as we can work out a really interesting setlist. However, it can be pretty difficult to work out what to leave out as we don’t want to disappoint anyone."


Fatherson's new album Sum Of All Your Parts is out now and available here in hmv's online store. 

The band will meet fans and sign copies of the album at two hmv stores this weekend, click here for full details. 

Sum of All Your Parts
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