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First Spin... 5 Seconds Of Summer's Debut Album
by Tom
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First Spin... 5 Seconds Of Summer's Debut Album

Easily the most-talked about band of the last few months, Australian pop-rock foursome 5 Seconds Of Summer finally release their self-titled debut album on Monday (June 30th). They’ll be dropping in to hmv 363 Oxford Street and hmv Manchester next week to play and meet fans and we’ve already spoken to them about the album in some detail, but, until now, no-one’s heard the full thing.

Well now we have, here is our track by track preview of the album, a first spin…


‘She Looks So Perfect’

The lead-off single, which you’ll all have heard. A stomping, full-blooded, pop-rocker, with a colossal chorus and easily the best bit of random product placement you’ll hear all year.


‘Don’t Stop’

You’ll all have heard this one too. This is much more direct and punkier, with a driving melody and a nagging bridge full of guile. Full of energy and summery vibes, it is, like the rest of this album, ridiculously catchy.


‘Good Girls’

Despite being co-written by Roy from Scouting From Girls, this is the pure Blink-182, with a whispered intro and gentle riff that blasts into an anthemic chorus and ends with a slightly odd guitar wig out, that’s new.


‘Kiss Me Kiss Me’

This one is co-written by All Time Low mainman Alex Gaskarth and Goldfinger frontman and producer John Feldmann and you can tell, it’s a sugary slice of pop-punk with a guitar line that sounds like it’s been soaked in Red Bull. It gives way to slight electronic breakdown, but sounds builds back into the chorus, which sounds predictably enormous.



Gaskarth didn’t work on this track, but this is real tip of the collective hat to All Time Low, with a big bouncy riff and a chorus that sounds like it came straight off the Baltimore foursome’s record Nothing Personal. It’s still supremely catchy though and will have you humming the riff for days and days.


‘Everything I Didn’t Say’

Another collaboration with Feldmann and songwriter supremo RAS, this is the album’s big ballad, all about lost love and bad choices, it’s got a proper lights in the air chorus and is the kind of track you can imagine gently filling the background as the jock finally releases he does love the girl after all.


‘Beside You’

This one is a co-write with two members of Aussie pop punkers Amy Meredith and another ballad, beginning with gentle electronic beats and sampled synths. It actually sounds more like the kind of track you’d expect to hear on a OneRepublic record, which is no bad thing if you love a good ballad.


‘End Up Here’

Back to punk-pop with Gaskarth and Feldmann both in tow once again, this is probably the album’s highlight, with a super catchy riff and bouncy chorus, it sounds like the kind of track Blink-182 would have happily put their name to in the early 2000s, it’s brilliant.

‘Long Way Home’

Another track penned with Gaskarth and Feldmann, this is more sedate and more mid-tempo American radio rock than anything, with its rolling piano and steady chorus, it’s a little Jimmy Eat World, a little Good Charlotte, even a bit R.E.M.


‘Heartbreak Girl’

This one has been kicking around on YouTube for a couple of years now, but it’s been given a nice coat of studio sheen. It’s a bit bigger, a little slicker, but there’s not too much change.


‘English Love Affair’

The album’s most theatrical moment and it’s got a real Queen vibe to it, with a pomp and swirl to the guitar and vocals. It’s a nice twist so keep things interesting late in the album.



A sad note to end what is a pretty upbeat album, this is a weepy ballad, again about lost love and full of regret. It’s quiet and sweet, but a sombre bookend.



5 Seconds Of Summer’s debut album is out on Monday (June 30th) and is available to pre-order from hmv stores and from our digital store.

The band are making two appearances in hmv stores next week, click here to find out more details.


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