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First Spin… Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds' Chasing Yesterday
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First Spin… Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds' Chasing Yesterday

After over 20 years in Oasis, you’d have forgiven Noel Gallagher for taking a couple of records to adjust to life as a solo artist, but he’s taken to it with amazing aplomb. His second album Chasing Yesterday is due out on Monday (March 2nd) and we’ve gone and reviewed every track. Here’s our first spin…



Much in the same way that Gallagher’s debut solo album kicked off with the gentle sigh of ‘Everybody’s On The Run’, Chasing Yesterday also begins in very understated fashion with a quiet strum of acoustic guitar building slowly into a hazey, Abbey Road era Beatles esque dittie. It gets louder as the track’s five minutes and 45 seconds go on, but it’s a quiet opening.


‘In The Heat Of The Moment’

You’ve all heard this one. It’s groovy stomper, with an underlying throb that could be taken straight from T-Rex’s finest work and a piledriver of a chorus.


‘The Girl With X-Ray Eyes’

This one has a real feel from The Kinks about it, a neat guitar riff and a wistful tone, combined with the pseudo-psychedelic fuzz that covers each and every track on this album. It’s summery, elegant and lovely.


‘Lock All The Doors’

We’re into rockier territory now, with a big lumbering riff, the kind that was all over the first four Oasis records, looming into view after a feedback drenched opening. Eventually it glides through to a powerhouse chorus with a ludicrously catchy refrain. This will sound absolutely colossal across the summer festivals.


‘The Dying Of The Light’

This is a full on brooding ballad, mournful, lovelorn and full of verve. If you enjoyed Gallagher’s dabbles with ballads in his latter years in Oasis, the ‘Little By Little’ and ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ types, then you’ll be in heaven with this tune.


‘The Right Stuff’

Another fuzzy slow-burner, this again feels like it could have been lifted straight from the dying embers of the 1960s. It drifts along gently, but takes a sharp right turn and ends up as this strange psychedelic wig out complete with a mental guitar riff and a sax solo. That’s right, a saxophone…


‘When The Song Remains The Same’

In spite of the Led Zeppelin esque title, this is a classic 90s indie banger in the vein of Paul Weller’s Stanley Road era stuff. It’s jaunty and very hummable.


‘The Mexican’

With an opening line that reads “They say that you need love just like a kid on crack”, this is by far Gallagher’s hardest punch on the record. This is powered by a groove that harks back to the neat funk of Parliament and a slinky riff, gives it a real Carnival feel, we’re a long way from the man who wrote ‘Supersonic’ now…”


‘You Know We Can’t Go Back’

A more straightforward rocker this one, with a pounding refrain that puts you right in the mind of vintage R.E.M and ‘Beautiful Day’ era U2. This will be another cut that sounds banging live.


‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’

You’ll have heard this one too. Guided by a pulsing bassline and a genius guest spot from Johnny Marr, this is a proper epic album closer.


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds release Chasing Yesterday on Monday (March 2nd). You can pre-order the album instore now.

Chasing Yesterday
Chasing Yesterday Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

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