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First Spin... Tame Impala's Currents
by Tom
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First Spin... Tame Impala's Currents

Australian psychedelic Tame Impala pretty much conquered everything on their 2012 effort Lonerism, it picked up stacks of awards, yielded the hit single ‘Elephant’, sold over 175,000 copies and cemented the band’s place as one of music’s must-see live bands.

After a brutal world tour, they finally return today with Currents, the follow-up to Lonerism and their third album in all. The album is out today and we’ve gone and reviewed every single song. Here is a First Spin for you…


‘Let It Happen’

The album’s opener is an absolute monster. Clocking in at almost eight minutes, it starts as a foggy, hazey lament, built round warped a Motown drum sound and a huge horn section it then morphs into a dreamy stomper. Quite the opening salvo…



After the epicness of the opener, this is a spacey little vignette, a psychedelic palate cleanser. It’s a little bit Pink Floyd and more than a little bit DJ Shadow.


‘The Moment’

This one has a bit of a Tears For Fears feel to it, with a nagging bass groove and a gliding melody. It drifts along to a lovely hummable chorus too.


‘Yes I’m Changing’

As close as Tame Impala get to ballad territory, with a gentle pulse underpinning Parker’s cooing vocals. A definite break up song, especially given it’s built round the line “There’s no future left for you and me”…



After the quietness comes the bombastic ‘Eventually’, complete with crashing cymbals, soaring harmonies and a disco stomp underpinning it. This is like a demented Motown pop song and it’s glorious.



Another instrumental pause, another breather, this one is more White Album era Beatles though.


‘The Less I Know The Better’

This one sounds like it came straight from the outtakes from the recording of Saturday Night Fever, a full on disco bassline with Parker’s voice cooing over the top of it. This has strut and plenty of swagger.


‘Past Life’

An odd one. A shimmering keyboard with a strange spoken vocal about meeting a shadowy figure with some of Parker’s vocals glistening away in the background. This is the album’s most psychedelic moment.



A short, punchy little number, like a 50s rock and roll song on serious amounts of acid. 


‘Cause I’m A Man’

You've probably heard this one. It's a belter, all muscular grooves and spacey refrains, it's deliciously hummable too. 


‘Reality In Motion’

Tumbling drums, maracas, even a horn section, this is another bombastic number, albeit one with a seriously trippy mid section. 



This is pure latter days Beatles, glittering guitars and shimmering melodies, it's all kinds of lovely. 


‘New Person, Same Old Mistakes’

A slow, brooding closer to the album, this one builds and builds and builds until it reaches a grand, swirling conclusion. A joyous way to end the record. 


Tame Impala’s new album Currents is out now and available to preview and purchase on the right-hand side of the page.

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