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First Spin… The Gaslight Anthem's Get Hurt
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First Spin… The Gaslight Anthem's Get Hurt

New Jersey rockers The Gaslight Anthem are back with their fifth album Get Hurt. Having sold out academy venues around the UK on previous tours, they are taking it a step further this winter by performing a full arena tour. This seems a logical step for a band whose songs are made with big choruses and sing-alongs. After breaking out with their second effort The 59 Sound, some have criticised them for playing it safe on their last few albums with their Springsteen-like stadium sound, but others have followed their every step.  

With this latest effort, the band have promised that they have expanded their influences, even drawing on influences from the likes of young whippersnappers The 1975!. With an album title like Get Hurt and the cover of an inverted heart, can we expect the songs on her to be more melancholy and open than ever before? Let's find out, here's a first spin of their new record...


'Stay Vicious'

Things start strongly with a slow, heavy riff in a style unlike anything the band have released before. We really hope they kick off their live shows with this one, especially with its epic climax which soars and is bound to have audiences singing along.


'1,000 Years'

The album's second offering is another very good strong track with a supremely catchy chorus that will be stuck in your head for several days after hearing it. This wouldn't sound too out of place on a Killers record, with its dust in throat sonics and poppy melody. 


'Get Hurt'

After the previous two songs being very upfront it's almost jarring to hear such a tonal shift in the titular track. Experimenting with a different guitar sound the song feels very cold with the lyrics "Might as well do you worst to me" complimenting the music. The jarring subsides quickly though, this is a tender ditty that really resonates. 


'Stray Paper'

Frontman Brian Fallon's signature growl really comes to the forefront in this song. There seems to be a pattern so far in this album of mixing a lot of quieter moments before kicking into the guitars again.


'Helter Skelton'

This is the kind of song that the band have built their reputation for heartfult rock and roll on. Having a more subdued chorus really makes the more exuberant verses work well for the song. It's definitely the type of anthem that could and should be played at full volume in the sun. 


'Underneath The Ground'

What follows is a more low key affair with a more minimal sound, showing their willingness to experiment a little more from their traditional style of song. Unfortunately being sandwiched between two of the more upbeat and rocking songs it gets somewhere lost in the context of the album.


'Rollin' And Tumblin'

One of the highlights of the album. This was the first taste of the album we were given back in June and it's a real get-goer from the off. The title of the song really gives an indication of what it sounds like as this one is a bit of a rocker.


'Red Violins'

Falling back into familiar territory this sounds that would have been released off of their previous record. It's a solid song but it doesn't break any particular shackles like some of the others on this album. A safe bet. 


'Selected Poems'

The song begins with a slow and quiet guitar with gentle synths playing in the background until around the minute mark where the band are brought in and takes the song up a gear. What could have been just another ballad picks up in a way that makes it an overall better song than from when it began.


'Ain't That A Shame'

Another slice of stadium rock, the better tracks on the album are the ones that are upfront with their riffs like this song. The theme of the lyrics throughout these songs are a lot more about love and heartbreak than before; "I stood on the platform waiting in vain". 


'Break Your Heart'

The acoustic number on the record just Fallon and his guitar. This one is a lot more honest and raw than the other ballads heard previously as he pleads "If you knew how I loved you, if I showed you my scars". A real cigarette lighter moment (or phones, if you're indoors...). 


'Dark Place'

The album finishes in a similar vain to 'The 59 Sound' closer 'The Backseat'. This ends the album on a total high. It's a really uplifting number and is Gaslight doing what the band does best, making big rock songs.


The Gaslight Anthem's Get Hurt will be released on August 11th and can be pre-ordered in hmv stores across the UK now. 

Get Hurt
Get Hurt The Gaslight Anthem

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